Cain Velasquez was in the headlines Tuesday, and not for good.

Velasquez, a former UFC heavyweight champion, was arrested. He was charged with attempted murder.

The statement sent shockwaves around the MMA community.

Everyone from fans to fighters to the media was left surprised.

Velasquez always carried himself in high regard. The news was not in line with his past.

More reports later came out involving more members of the incident. One stated Velasquez went after a man who abused a member of his family.

While we await the official decision on the matter, fighters have come to his defense. 

Fellow former UFC champion Anthony Pettis posted “Free Cain” with a picture of the two. 

Derek Brunson did the same with some additions.

Brunson also posted that “At the same time someone needs to buy Cain some firearm courses for Christmas. That aim could use some work.”

Along with his career in the UFC, Velasquez also tried his hand at pro wrestling. He was on the active roster for both the WWE and AAA.