MJF – Tony Khan Argument Over Interview, Tyson Kidd’s WWE Status

MJF Tony Khan Interview
Source:@WONF4W, Twitter, Screenshot

As early reported by WNZ, MJF was quite candid during his recent interview with Ariel Helwani. In fact, it seems as if this may have caused an argument between him and Tony Khan. More details on this story, are below.

MJF – Tony Khan Argument Over Interview

As per a report from Fightful Select, Tony wasn’t pleased with MJF’s recent chat with Helwani. The two had a heated conversation about it.

According to the report, they both left the discussion upset. The root of the issue was that MJF had not set up the Helwani interview through AEW’s PR team.

Apparently, Khan and MJF spoke about this for over an hour. The report indicates that MJF is also frustrated over his AEW contract status.

More On MJF & Tony Khan Argument Over Interview

MJF’s contract is up come 2024. During his interview with Helwani, he spoke about becoming a free agent.

He made it crystal clear he did not want to re-sign with AEW until the old was up. He’s also looking forward to becoming a free agent and possibly seeing what the WWE offers him.

Will MJF jump ship from AEW once 2024 hits? Only time will tell.

Over to the land of the WWE, everyone’s curious about Tyson Kidd’s status with the company. WNZ has an update on this.

Tyson Kidd’s WWE Status

The good news is that Tyson Kidd is back at work with the WWE. As per Fightful, he was listed as a producer/agent on last night’s RAW internal run-sheet.

MJF Tony Khan Interview

Source: @JustTalkWrestle, Twitter, Screenshot

He hasn’t been listed on a document of this sort since early January. Tyson being back at work is said to be a “win” for the women’s division.

Since Kidd’s absence, especially during the Royal Rumble, it’s been stated that morale was low. In fact, one talent passed on participating in the women’s Royal Rumble match because she learned Kidd was not the producer.

It’s important to note that Fit Finlay ended up producing the Women’s Royal Rumble this year. While he had been working backstage at NXT, he was brought in to help.

Reports surfaced back in early February of this year, noting that Tyson Kidd (a.k.a. TJ Wilson), had taken time off work. Not much information was given, but apparently, the reason for his absence was linked to the Royal Rumble.

Another report noted that Tyson was quitting the company. However, that was determined to be miscommunication.

There was also a buzz that Kidd was unhappy with the WWE. With that said, some sources tried to dismiss this idea.

Why Did Tyson Kidd Take Time Off?

The final word this past February was that Tyson would be back to work, he was just taking time off to heal his neck. It was also stated that he was on good terms with the WWE.

While Kidd can function with his neck injury, he can have flare-ups. This is due to an injury he suffered in the ring, about seven years ago.

As most fans are aware, Tyson’s in-ring career ended after a RAW dark match in June 2015. He took a Muscle Buster from Samoa Joe, injuring his neck.

While he did walk away from wrestling, it’s been noted multiple times that Kidd is lucky to be alive, and he’s at peace with what happened. It’s also been noted that it’s a miracle he isn’t in a wheelchair, as his injury is similar to Christopher Reeves.