Kofi Kingston On Botched Royal Rumble Spot, Tony Khan Criticized

Kofi Kingston Royal Rumble
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Kofi Kingston botched his WWE Royal Rumble spot this year, so he is letting fans know what went wrong. Also, Tony Khan has been criticized by Chavo Guerrero for not returning his messages.

Kofi Kingston On Botched Royal Rumble Spot

The Royal Rumble is known for surprise entrants as WWE’s prepares WrestleMania season. Heading into this year’s match, Brock Lesnar was the favorite despite not even being confirmed.

Kofi Kingston was also in the match and fans knew he would not win. Although, they were expecting him to leave them breathless.

For many years, Kingston has used the Royal Rumble to find the most unique ways of staying in. He tried something this year, but botched the spot and was eliminated.

While speaking to Jim Varsallone’s JimmyV3 Channel, Kingston discussed what wrong with the spot.

“I feel like we all go out there to try and top ourselves,” said Kingston. “The goal has always been to go out and top yourself.”

“Obviously when the Royal Rumble comes around, it’s become something synonymous with something I’m going to do in the match,” said Kingston. “So, what happened was not supposed to happen.” 

“I was trying to kind of land on the barricade. It was something – I walked through it a few times, but it was always going to hurt.” 

“It was gonna hurt no matter what, so I couldn’t really practice it like full out. When I did, I think that I jumped too high which has never usually been a problem and I could’ve jumped like further out.”

The 2022 Royal Rumble did not produce a memorable moment for Kingston. And, the entire Men’s Roya Rumble match was nothing special.

For Kingston, there will always be next and another Royal Rumble. Who knows what Kingston might do to make up for the botch this year.

Tony Khan Criticized

Kofi Kingston Royal Rumble

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It has been known for a bit now that Tony Khan will not be renewing a bunch contracts. Mostly, it will involve talent that signed when the promotion debuted almost three years ago.

Still, Khan has let other people go for various reasons. Although, he typically lets their contract run out instead of releasing them.

Chavo Guerrero joined AEW under a short three month deal and was paired with Andrade. Basically, he served as a manger to Andrade and also helped with promos as he is still learning the language. 

Then, Guerrero learned he was no longer part of the company by visiting their website. His profile was removed, meaning he was not employed there.

Guerrero had been away since February in Australia, where he helps with the hit TV show, Young Rock.

“Coming back in early February, I started giving Tony some texts, no answer, no reply,” said Guerrero on The Wrestling Inc. Daily. “Called him, left him a voice message, no reply whatsoever” (thanks to Wrestling Inc for the transcription).

“I am like, ‘hmm, okay.’ Then all of a sudden I see I am not part of the page anymore, of the AEW roster. So, it kind of pisses me off, to be honest.”

“Hey, I am a big boy, if there’s not plans for me, totally fine, I get it. But, answer your phone.”

“So I am like, ‘answer your phone.’ This is not cool. So that’s where we are at.”

Now, Guerrero does not have any bookings lined up. Still, he is upset with how things transpired with Khan. 

He continued how they had a great relationship before and even texted while Chavo was in Australia. Seemingly, Guerrero just wanted a phone call and not to be ghosted.