Here’s What Gable Steveson Should Do In The WWE

Gable Steveson

Olympic Gold Medalist and 2x NCAA heavyweight wrestling champion Gable Steveson are already signed to a WWE deal. The champion grappler was one of the first signed by WWE in the new NIL era of college sports. Steveson won his 2nd NCAA style before retiring from the sport.

He will now report to WWE.

But what are the plans for Steveson? We don’t know for sure. However, in a since-deleted tweet, Steveson indicated he would be at WrestleMania

But we still don’t know what WWE plans to do with the world-class athlete. But I have a few ideas.

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The Lesnar Treatment 

First of all, we don’t know about Gable’s in-ring skills. However, history has told us that being a great amateur wrestler is the surest indicator of WWE success. If Gable can pick up WWE’s style as quickly as Kurt Angle or Brock Lesnar, then it is evident that WWE needs to push him quickly. 

I’d love to have Steveson in a feud for a belt. No sense in having such a marquee talent toil away on the mid-card. Putting a title in his hands quickly would play into his bonafide as an athlete and establish him as a big name.

It would be great if Gable came out and destroyed Omos for his WrestleMania debut.

The Rousey Treatment

Alternatively, if WWE wants to tease Steveson’s abilities, they could go the Rousey way and have him wrestle a safe but high-profile tag match where he can show off his power and speed. There were a lot of questions about whether or not Rousey could wrestle, but those evaporated as soon she hit the ring and decimated both Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. 

An entry match such as this would allow Steveson to be protected and show off his physical prowess. 

The (other) Gable Treatment

There is another Olympic wrestler on WWE’s roster. CHAD Gable (no relation) scraped his way into one of the most popular tag teams today. But that took years. After losing his tag partner Jason Jordan, Gable floundered for a few years before being put in another tag team. Chad is a great talent, but many feel he lacks the size for a more significant push. Gable is a true heavyweight who looks like a WWE star readymade. 

Steveson is too much of a star to be stuck in a mediocre tag team. 

What should WWE do with Gable Steveson? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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