Everything We Know About “CYN” – A Mysterious New Wrestling Promotion

Control Your Narrative

There’s another three-letter wrestling promotion in the mix. CYN (short for Control Your Narrative) is a post-modern wrestling brainchild of former IMPACT and WWE star EC3. But what is CYN? Where did it come from, and what are their plans? Let’s dig in.

It Is The Brainchild Of EC3 

“Control Your Narrative” became EC3’s catchphrase following his release from WWE. After leaving WWE, EC3 began a series of “cinematic matches” under his Control Your Narrative brand. The first match took place at Impact Wrestling’s Bound for Glory against Moose.

EC3 then hosted a PPV called “Free the Narrative.” In October 2021, EC3 hosted his second show, “Free the Narrative II,” where he faced Adam Scherr (WWE’s Braun Strowman) in the main event, being defeated. EC3 and Scherr began to work together and, on February 17, 2022, announced Control Your Narrative (CYN). 

CYN seeks to distinguish itself from “billionaire” wrestling and put the power into the hands of the wrestlers. This is their mission statement:

“We, collectively as wrestlers, can no longer wait. We can not wait on companies that answer only to share holders. Companies where billionaires collect talent as “toys.” Companies that fire their entire roster for the mistakes their office made. Companies that are complacent in presentation.”

CYN Signed A Deal To Be On The Metaverse

The business announced a “metaverse” deal, the first of any wrestling promotion. Though I am not sure what this means, will they do VR matches? 

So far, the promotion is doing virtual meet and greets and a “virtual party” with fans. 

Former WWE Stars Are Major Players

Besides Strowman, former NXT champion Killer Kross is also a signature member, featuring heavily in the promotions promotion materials.
The promotion has already garnered some controversy with their booking of alleged anti-vaxxer and creeper Austin Aires.

CYN seems focused on creating controversy and allowing wrestlers a greater deal of “creative control than they do at other promotions.

They are having a show in Dallas WrestleMania weekend

CYN has hosted a few events and if they’re a preview for the Dallas show, expect some weird stuff. 

The promotion has a “rant room” where fans can pay to talk to or yell at wrestlers.

The show will take place the week of WrestleMania, and while no names have been announced, I expect it will be the four mentioned above mixed in with some other up and comers. 

Are you going to watch CYN? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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