D-Lo Brown Dx Blackface
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Looking back, D-Lo Brown thinks the DX – blackface segment from the Attitude Era went too far. Also, Toni Storm is already making huge money on her OnlyFans account.

D-Lo Brown On DX – Blackface Segment

D-Lo Brown is known for his time in WWE and lately helping Impact Wrestling. He was part of WWE during the Attitude Era, when storylines pushed the envelope.

One of the biggest feuds for D-Lo Brown was working with The Nation of Domination against DX. This resulted in a segment where DX wore blackface.

D-Lo spoke to Insight with Chris Van Vliet about the entire segment. He has mixed feelings about how the segment went down and knows today would be very different. 

“I can tell you none of us had any big concern about it,” said Brown. “In retrospect, we could’ve done that segment without the blackface.” 

“And, you know, I wish we would have. It would’ve been just as good.” 

“I obviously, wish we would’ve changed that. Looking back on it in 2022 eyes, not a fan of it.”

He knows a few years later and the idea of dong blackface would have been quickly rejected.

“You couldn’t pitch that idea three years later,” said Brown. “You’d get laughed out of a building if you pitched that idea three years later.”

Brown conclude that the segment was funny and did not require blackface. If that part was removed, everybody would still be laughing about it.

“If there was never any blackface, you would’ve never known the difference and it would’ve been just as entertaining,” said Brown. “I mean, that whole segment was DX entertaining everybody and they could’ve done that easily, you know, without the blackface.”

That moment has been wiped from Peacock. NBC has removed several clips from the Attitude Era because they do not fit their audience. 

Toni Storm’s OnlyFans A Hit

D-Lo Brown Dx Blackface

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Toni Storm joined WWE as part of the Mae Young Classic. She even won the tournament and was sent to NXT UK.

She held the title for a bit before dropping it. Then, NXT UK went on long sabbatical because of COVID.

Instead of keeping Storm on the England version, they sent to her the American NXT. Not much later, she joined the main roster.

She worked a program with Charlotte Flair, but did not like how WWE booked her. So, she left without notice and was eventually granted a release.

Storm recently announced she was opening a OnlyFans account on March 19. Within the first hour, she made just shy of 10K.

We will have to see if Storm limits her wrestling schedule since she is doing so well with OnlyFans.