Cody Rhodes – WWE Return Off?, Nia Jax Heat For Ukrainian Remark

Cody Rhodes WWE Return
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The idea was Cody Rhodes left AEW to rejoin WWE, but that return could already be off. Also, Nia Jax is getting heat over a comment about Ukrainian.

Cody Rhodes – WWE Return Off?

AEW has produced some memorable moments in less than three years. Behind the scenes, there was recently a bigger story unfolding.

In a shock to almost everyone, Cody Rhodes and Brandy Rhodes parted with AEW last month. Almost instantly, there was talk Cody returning to WWE.

So far, Cody has not appeared and there is no word if he signed a WWE contract. Now, Cassidy Haynes of Body Slam reports discussions between Cody and WWE have stalled.

Also, with Tony Kahn purchasing Ring Of Honor (ROH), that could lure Cody back.

“While asking around about the purchase of Ring of Honor, sources have also confirmed to me that the reports of Brandi and Cody Rhodes leaving AEW was very much real life and was not a work,” said Haynes. “Additionally, I was told that discussions had been ongoing between Cody and WWE.” 

“But, I was told ‘those conversations have since fizzled out. Once source indicated that there is hope that Cody can be brought back into the AEW fold.” 

“The idea was floated to me that there might be a possibility again, with a new role involving the ROH acquisition.”

So, things continue to be very interesting for Cody. Khan buying ROH was something he has been working on for a few weeks.

We are still waiting to see what the future holds for ROH. Khan is yet to give details about the promotion, but there are rumors floating around.

Most believe ROH will be used as a developmental system, but it could still feature AEW talent. Seeing the brands trade wrestler could open up dream matches many thought were not possible. 

Cody Rhodes WWE Return

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Nia Jax Heat For Ukrainian Remark

Nia Jax is a great heat magnet and she continues that pattern. Now, she is dealing with the fallout from her remarks about the ongoing conflict with Russia and Ukraine.

To get her point across about Ukrainian, Nia used COVID-19. Here is a screenshot of the comment she posted on Instagram.

Well, as expected, Nia received a ton of backlash from people on the internet. Becky Lynch even unfollowed her recently, which might have to do with the remarks.

As noted, Nia is no stranger to getting heat from fans. She was repeatedly blamed for injuring several superstars during her WWE run.

While never confirmed, many think Nia was let go because of her stance on vaccines. She went out of her way to let the public know she did not believe they helped or were necessary.

With WWE releasing tons of names the past two years, they do not have to support their reason for letting Nia go. Basically, they could say her firing was part of budgetary cuts as they did with everyone else who was released.

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