Carmella Wants Live Sex Celebration, Johnny Gargano Taking Bookings

Carmella Live Sex Celebration
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Real-life WWE couple Carmella and fiancé Corey Graves are about to star in a new reality television series called Corey and Carmella. While promoting the new show, Carmella states she wants a live sex celebration with Corey. More details, below.

Carmella Wants Live Sex Celebration

Carmella and Corey is set to air on the WWE YouTube Channel. It’ll dive deeper into the real-life shenanigans of this wrestling couple, so their fans can see a different side to them.

The series will seemingly gear to an adult audience, due to the nature of its content. The first trailer for the show has the couple talking openly about their sex life.

While speaking with the Bleacher Report, Carmella chats about incorporating their relationship into WWE storylines. She went on to say that she wouldn’t mind recreating the iconic Lita-Edge “sex celebration” with Corey.

Carmella Wants Live Sex Celebration – Will She Get Her Wish?

Graves adds in the interview that the best past wrestling storylines pulled from real-life relationships superstars had with partners. He notes the “Macho Man” Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth as an example.

However, Graves does state that, unlike Miss Elizabeth and Savage, Carmella is an active competitor, while he’s a commentator. With said, commentators and announcers have entered storylines – and the squared circle – from time to time.

Corey does say that if the “opportunity” arises, then both he and Carmella would jump at it. He also notes that “who’s easier to hate” at the moment than Carmella and Corey Graves.

While it’s hard to see either of them recreating a “sex celebration” anytime soon, due to WWE’s demographics, perhaps the two will have a storyline together at some point. Only time will tell.

Someone who doesn’t have a wrestling storyline in any promotion at the moment is Johnny Gargano. After his contract expired in the WWE he took some time off to help his pregnant wife Candice LeRae get ready for the baby.

With the arrival of his son, it looks like he may be interested in slowly going back to work. More on this story, below.

Johnny Gargano Taking Bookings

Gargano left the WWE late last year in December. While he had no non-compete clause, he’s just now exercising the right to wrestle elsewhere.

Carmella Live Sex Celebration

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Gargano took to Twitter this week to provide a reason as to why he wanted a little time off. The first was to spend time with his family, both Candice, and Quill, who was born on February 17th.

He also notes the “freedom” to pick and choose jobs for his wrestling career, as another reason. He also offered an email for business inquiries, possible bookings, and appearances.

Everything Needs To Go Through His Publicist/Manager

The second tweet was a photo of his dog. Gargano notes in the post that his “publicist/manager” was ready to respond to inquiries.

When will Johnny Gargano wrestle again? No date has been announced.

While many may expect to see him in AEW, the truth is, reports indicate there have been no formal contract talks between him and Tony Khan. With that said, now that his son Quill has arrived, things could change.

Either way, it sounds like Gargano is ready to take that next step in his career. Fans will have to wait and see.

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