WWE Wants Jade Cargill, Becky Lynch Mocks Ric Flair

WWE Wants Jade Cargill
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WWE passed on Jade Cargill, but now they really want to sign the AEW Champion. Also, Becky Lynch took some time to mock Ric Flair.

WWE Wants Jade Cargill

AEW clearly sees big things in the future for Jade Cargill. She is yet to lose in AEW and is their first ever TBS Champion.

From the beginning, she had the looks and athletic ability. Naturally, she has been given a major chance and no major complaints so far.

Of course, WWE is also watching. Andrew Zarian commented on that news on the Mat Men podcast.

“I know for a fact that people in WWE are interested in her now that they’ve gotten to see what she can do on TV,” said Zarian.

The interesting part is how WWE passed on her once. They did not think she would be dedicated enough because she was a mother.

Cargill has proven WWE wrong during her two year stint in AEW. Her first match saw her team with Shaquille O’Neal to score the win.

She is not the only person WWE is looking at from AEW. Also, they are very interested in MJF and Wardlow.

All three have presented very highly in AEW. If any of those name went to WWE, they could be in for a rude awakening.

Becky Lynch Mocks Ric Flair

WWE Wants Jade Cargill

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For Ric Flair, he is either thrilled with WWE or upset. At the moment, he is the latter.

He has reasons, but in particular the two time WWE Hall of Famer is not happy with Becky Lynch. First, he took issues with her using the nickname, “The Man.”

Then, his daughter, Charlotte Flair, had words with Lynch. This spilled onto live TV for fans to witness the awkward segment.

At the Royal Rumble, Ronda Rousey returned and Flair discussed that on the Ric Flair Wooooo Nation Uncensored Podcast. So, he took issue with Lynch saying “Welcome back Ronny.”

The former UFC Champion won the Women’s Royal Rumble and had already set her sights on Flair. She is rumored to face Lynch next year.

“Once again, she’s not Ronny, she’s Ronda Rousey, okay,” said Flair. “Anybody stupid enough to call her Ronny and make a joke of her presence and what she brings to the company is out of their mind.” 

“As an example, what is her name now? Big Time Becks? ‘Hey Ronny, welcome back.’” 

“Wow, that’s exciting. Hey, how about, thank you Ronda for showing up because I’m not ‘The Man’ anymore.” 

“I’m generic […] who am I? Big Time Becks? The Lasskicker? Who am I?”

Lynch had no problem firing back.

For now, Flair will be at odds with WWE and Lynch. Also, in all likelihood, Flair will make amends with WWE and rejoin.

Although, he might hold the grudge against Lynch for much longer. Remember, all this anger stemmed from a nickname.

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