WWE Remark Made Kyle O’Reilly Leave, Mustafa Ali – Contract Length

WWE Kyle O’Reilly Leave
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Kyle O’Reilly heard a comment about the future of what WWE wanted and knew it was time to leave. Also, Mustafa Ali continues to push for his release, despite having over two years left on his current deal.

WWE Remark Made Kyle O’Reilly Leave

Kyle O’Reilly joined NXT around the same time as reDRagon partner, Bobby Fish. Almost instantly, they were paired with Adam Cole and formed the Undisputed Era.

For their entire run together, the stable was basically unstoppable. They did split when Cole turned on everyone.

Since then, Strong is the only member still part of WWE. The contracts for Cole and O’Reilly ended, while Fish was released. 

Now, the three are back together in AEW. Cole was first to join, with O’Reilly and Fish not far behind.

NXT underwent a dramatic change, which resulted in most familiar names being released. Instead, WWE wanted NXT to turn developmental.

O’Reilly was on The Sessions with Renee Paquette and knew his time in NXT was coming to end. He was told by someone in WWE that they were not looking for pro wrestlers anymore. 

Therefore, he so he was preparing to leave.

“‘We don’t want pro rasslers’ was something I heard,” said O’Reilly. “And it was like ‘alright but I am a pro wrestler. And I want to be a pro wrestler still. So I want to go where I can be a pro wrestler.’” 

“And I know that the things are the same, sports entertainment, wrestling, it’s all the same. But, I don’t know if everyone looks at it that way.”

Cole, O’Reilly and Fish look to be headed towards a major angle. They already have some tension with The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega might have similar feelings.

Then, Jay White joined the fray. Sooner of later, Omega will return and this entire thing will be played on TV for months.

As for NXT 2.0, it has been considered a major disappointment by WWE. The ratings are bad and fans do not seem interested in the dramatic changes.

Mustafa Ali – Contract Length

WWE Kyle O’Reilly Leave

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Mustafa Ali requested his WWE release, but was told he was too important to let. Therefore, he continues his campaign on social media.

At the moment, WWE had not changed their mind. As for wrestling, Ali has done little of that since November.

He requested to miss a show because of paternity leave and instead he was given a few more days off. Then, WWE stoped booking him and his frequent request for a release is not helping matters.

AEW might want a piece of Ali considering the reaction from the crowds. They have chanted for Ali and held signs asking WWE to let him go.

WWE and Ali do not seem interested in budging. Therefore, this could turn into a long and ugly public battle.