WrestleMania 38 In Chaos, Matt Hardy Drops Big Tease

wrestlemania 38 in chaos
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Given all that has gone down, we are hearing that WrestleMania 38 plans are in chaos at the moment. Plus, Matt Hardy drops a potentially big tease for Wednesday’s episode of Dynamite.

WrestleMania 38 In Chaos

Stop the presses…pick up those jaws…WrestleMania 38 plans are reportedly in chaos.

That is the word via @WrestleVotes, via the below post:

And right away, there’s the key bits. Whatever transpired in the back between Shane McMahon and anyone else has thrown WrestleMania 38 plans into chaos.

Shane’s out…so…plans have to change.

On one hand…we have just under 60 days to go. However, on the other hand…we have less than 2 months til the big event, and it seems only two matches are locked in.

And one of those two, Brock Lesnar versus Roman Reigns, may or may not end up being title versus title.

Why is this bad?

In years past, by now, there was a pretty decent idea of what the card would look like. Not the case for WrestleMania 38.

Then again, perhaps the chaos should not surprise us? More and more in recent years, it’s been noted how frequently Vince McMahon has changed his mind during a show.

Now, rapidly approaching the company’s biggest week of the year, we’ve yet to see a Hall of Fame inductee and are hearing that the card is in chaos.

It’s worth poking some fun here, too. How questionable would it be that Vince and WWE feel that whatever match Shane was lined up to have, would have been one of their major attractions?

The one rumored match-Shane against Austin Theory-could have been big just for the family links. But beyond that…not much.

With this WrestleMania being another two night affair, we can’t help but wonder…will WWE scramble to bring in big names to fill gaps?

It’s not hard to envision Johnny Knoxville against Sami Zayn…or The Bellas versus Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan…but neither of those is a major attraction.

The card is in chaos…so the next 2 months will be quite interesting.

Matt Hardy Drops Big Tease

On the other hand, AEW has things clicking…and now Matt Hardy drops a big tease as it relates to tonight’s Dynamite.

If you recall, Tony Khan said he had a major announcement…for last week’s Rampage.

That announcement was that he had a major announcement for…tonight’s episode of Dynamite.

matt hardy big tease

source: @matthardybrand, twitter, screenshot

Specifically, that there would be a new major signing revealed, and the new signing would be in the ring for a match on Wednesday.

Anyone who’s been paying attention knows that there are a number of pretty significant free agents out there.

Notably, Killer Kross and Keith Lee are both free to sign anywhere. Also, so too is Johnny Gargano, though he has other priorities for now.

One name that people kick around, but who is not yet a free agent? Matt’s brother Jeff.

Well, during his Twitch stream earlier this week…Matt dropped a big tease…openly wondering if perhaps Tony Khan had bought out the remainder of Jeff’s non-compete.

That followed Hardy stating, just a few days earlier, that Jeff’s non-compete didn’t expire until mid-March.

Without looking at how that would even work, legally…if Vince McMahon had any say in it, massive money or not…it’s curious to ponder if he’d allow for a non-compete to be bought out.

Plenty suspect the move will be Keith Lee…but could Matt Hardy’s tease come true?

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