Why Jeff Hardy Declined WWE Rehab, AEW Wrestler Back In Action

Jeff Hardy WWE Rehab
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If Jeff Hardy took WWE up on thier offer and went to rehab, he would still be employed there. Also, AEW’s Hikaru Shida will be wrestling in Japan starting in March.

Why Jeff Hardy Declined WWE Rehab

Jeff Hardy and his WWE career, munch like his life, has been a rollercoaster. They have been moments are great accomplishment and then those of concern.

Despite being one of the most popular wrestlers to ever work for WWE, drugs have been a problem for Hardy. So much, that he has been suspended and even fired by WWE.

His last run ended in a shocking manner. In the middle of match during a live event, Hardy tagged out and left through the crowd.

Immediately, fans feared the worst. Also, hid sloppy performance inside the ring did not help.

Not long after the incident, WWE confirmed they released Hardy. Now, while speaking to YouTuber Jared Myers, Hardy notes how it all came-down to his refusal to enter rehab. 

“They released me and tried to make me go to rehab but I’m just so over it,” said Hardy. “My dream match was with Roman Reigns.” 

“I’ve talked about that many times, but then I said, ‘so you want me to go away for like 28 days just to save my job?’ No.”

“You know what’s important to me? Family. My two daughters, my wife, they believe in me. F— WWE man.” 

“It’s like a private, personal thing and I’m not going to f*cking go to rehab. If they believe in me, that’s all that matters, my wife and my two girls.”

We also learned WWE offered Hardy a chance to return as part of the Hall of Fame. He declined the offer, wanting to be inducted with his brother, Matt Hardy.

Jeff might see Matt very soon in AEW. Recently, Jeff stated he will join AEW next month and fans are already waiting for a reunion of The Hardy Boyz.

AEW Wrestler Back In Action

Jeff Hardy WWE Rehab

Source: @WONF4W, Twitter, Screenshot

Hikaru Shida was written off AEW TV earlier this year after Serena Deeb attacked her knee. The angle was done so Shida could return to Japan for a bit.

Finally, she will be featured inside a Japanese ring. On March 19, she will work the Tokyo Joshi Pro-Wrestling’s Grand Princess ’22 against Hikari Noa.

The following day, Shida wrestles at the Ice Ribbon’s show. She posted a video on social media seeking to reunite with Tsukasa Fujimoto.

Shida is the only AEW wrestler to hold their title for an entire year. During the pandemic, Shida was AEW Women’s Champion for over 370 days before losing to Britt Baker.

As of now, no word on when Shida will return to AEW. She did seem annoyed about AEW due to seem some recent comments.

The AEW women’s division has dramatically improved in less than three years. They went from nothing to having great wrestlers from top to bottom.