Triple H – Dynamite Mention, Another Ex-WWE Superstar Joining AEW

Triple H Dynamite Mention
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Any fan watching AEW Dynamite last night may have raised an eyebrow (or two). There was a Triple H mention during a high-profile segment. More on this story, below.

Triple H – Dynamite Mention

Eddie Kingston dropped Paul Levesque’s (HHH) name during a face-to-face promo with Chris Jericho during AEW Dynamite this week. After the fact, Chris agreed to a match with him at the next pay-per-view (PPV), Revolution.

Kingston encouraged Jericho to bring the “best version” of himself for the March 6th event. He would go on to say that he didn’t want the Jericho from his Mimosa Mayhem match.

Eddie added he didn’t want the Jericho that was thrown off a cage by MJF. Kingston notes during the segment that he wants the Chris Jericho that “turned WCW upside down”.

He then slips in that he wants the Jericho that his “close friend Levesque” hated. Eddie warned that if he doesn’t do this, he’ll eat him up alive.

It’s important to note that Eddie also poked at the WWE during the promo. He states that their version of “sports entertainment” isn’t “sports entertaining” in the least.

He also adds that AEW is a “wrestling” company. Eddie did not hold back this week.

Triple H – Dynamite Mention Not The Only One

Interestingly enough, the HHH mention on Dynamite wasn’t the only WWE name-drop this week. Bryan Danielson also took the opportunity to do the same during a backstage interview with Tony Schiavone.

Danielson was comparing who he trained him versus who Daniel Garcia was trained by. Bryan mentioned that he had a “great” mentor in William Regal (former WWE NXT GM), while Garcia had 2.0.

Did Tony Khan send talent a memo last night to do some WWE name-dropping? Both promos were certainly intense.

Speaking of WWE and AEW, a former WWE superstar is about to become All Elite. Learn more, below.

Another Ex-WWE Superstar Joining AEW

Fightful Select is reporting that ex-WWE talent SW3RVE The Realest (Isaiah “Swerve” Scott) is heading to AEW. As per the report, Swerve could begin with the company as early as the first week of March.

Triple H Dynamite Mention

Source: @ItsWrestleWorld, Twitter, Screenshot

The report reveals that AEW officials wanted to bring Swerve in shortly after he was released from the WWE. This occurred in mid-November, 2021 due to budget cuts.

As per the report, AEW views Swerve as a possible “crossover” star. There have been a number of AEW superstars that are being looked at for potential WarnerMedia shows.

It’s important to note that nothing is official around “crossover” stars as of yet. Only time will tell.

Swerve Has Been Busy

Swerve officially became a free agent in February. He’s already signed on for dates within top indie promotions and GCW.

There had reportedly been some interest for Swerve by Ring of Honor for their reboot in April of this year. However, as he’s heading to AEW, this likely won’t happen.

No confirmed date on when he’ll debut in AEW, but the Revolution PPV on March 6th in Orlando seems like a possibility. Fans will have to wait and see.

Swerve signed with the WWE in 2019 and debuted in NXT shortly after. He had many highlights, which includes becoming the NXT North American Champion.