Tony Khan & Vince McMahon Agree, Lita’s WWE Future Plans

tony khan vince mcmahon agree
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In a bit of a surprse, Tony Khan and Vince McMahon actually agree on something. Plus, ahead of her RAW Women’s Championship match on Saturday…what are Lita’s WWE future plans?

Tony Khan & Vince McMahon Agree 

This is not a typo, nor is it April 1st. Tony Khan and Vince McMahon agreed on something, and what they agreed on might surprise you.

On his latest podcast, Chris Jericho shed some light on what the two rival promotions might agree on.

And, it involved Jericho.

There was  G1 Supercard event at Madison Square Garden in 2019. At one point, Jericho noted he was lined up to work a match against Tanahashi.

Overall, the card featured ROH and NJPW talents, and surely a match with Jericho would have been a big draw.

Jericho, then and now, was under contract with AEW. 

tony khan vince mcmahon agree

source: @wrestlingnewsco, twitter, screenshot

He explained that, while the match was planned, his current and former bosses both asked him not to work the match.

Yes, Khan and McMahon agreed on something-that something being Jericho not working that match.

As he put it, he wouldn’t get into the details of why either Tony Khan or Vince McMahon asked him not to work the match, saying that there is a whole show’s worth of material in that story.

However, whatever each promoter’s reasons were, Jericho respected their wishes and did not work the match.

Perhaps Tony Khan wanted to work to have such a big match in AEW rather than not.

Maybe Vince McMahon did not want Jericho headlining such a major card in WWE’s “home” market.

Given the nature of his AEW contract-and his lack of a WWE one-Jericho could have easily worked the show if he felt like it.

However, he did not…and now we can just wait to see if he ever dives deeper into that story.

Lita’s WWE

lita's wwe future plans

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Future Plans

She made another appearance in the Royal Rumble this year, and seems to be sticking around. So what are Lita’s WWE future plans?

We know that the WWE Hall of Famer is working a match with Becky Lynch this Saturday.

Lita, in basically all of her promos since the Rumble, has been vocal about having one more run in her, complete with a title reign.

But…does WWE have that in her future plans?


In an interview with Sports Illustrated, Lita said thus far, there are no current future plans for her.

That may not mean all that much, and Lita herself acknowledged that plans can change quickly.

Looking at this from afar, it would be hard for the returning Superstar to announce that the company plans for her to work the rest of 2022.

It’s possible that there is some program planned for her, but it’s just as possible it is dependent on how Lita looks on Saturday.

After all, it will be her first singles match in WWE in over 15 years.

Lita has to leave things in interviews like that as open-ended. Even if she was on the hook for just a couple more matches, revealing that might spoil the outcome of the title match.

While it is unlikely Lita leaves Saudi Arabia with the RAW Women’s Championship, never say never. 

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