Stop Blaming Shane McMahon For Everything

If you were listening to the wrestling media recently, you would have thought Shane McMahon was the worst thing to ever happen to wrestling. 

He is currently the whipping boy for what some people think was a “bad” Royal Rumble. The story is that he was too concerned with putting himself over and booked himself to look too strong in the match while trying to “get over” on particular talent, and the entire Rumble was in chaos because of him.

And if you read the reasoning, none of it is coherent. Shane booked the entire Rumble to make himself look good but was also frustrated that none of his ideas were being used? Huh? And Shane, who got a lot of credit for the success of the 2020 Royal Rumble, is suddenly full of bad ideas? 

And now the “sheets” are reporting that Shane was “let go” by WWE because he kept trying to insert himself into storylines and make himself a top star. Shane got fired from WWE because no one would listen to his ideas, and he was a distraction backstage.

It just seems to me that people want someone to blame for the Rumble, and they landed on Shane.

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Who Is To Blame For The Royal Rumble?

I don’t think the Rumble was bad. I think it did an excellent job of establishing many guys and giving people the opportunity to show off. 

But, if you think it is terrible, why blame it on Shane? Shane is not a full-time creative person. Why are Vince and the rest of the creative team getting a pass?

The creative team is mad that Shane decided to come back and be put in the match. So they’re concocting this whole non-story to make Shane look bad. 

Don’t Listen To Dirt Sheets.

I feel like I write this every few months, but it still needs to be said; take everything “dirt sheets” or anyone who claims to have insider access into WWE with a massive grain of salt. 

Meltzer and those who follow in his footsteps know that the people who most read their content are the hardcore Anti-WWE Internet fans who spend all day obsessing over a fake scripted sport.

The sheets have no incentive to produce good stories about WWE because their audience doesn’t want to read good stories about WWE. That’s why you always get stories about USA and Fox being “furious” WWE, despite WWE programming dominating cable ratings on their nights. 

And there’s this type of person who pays money so the sheets can churn more smark-affirming content.

If any of this is true, it is probably just the same disgruntled people who take their petty BS to the sheets. There seems to be this constant current of WWE employees who seemingly hate working there but stick around for some reason. In the past, I could understand there weren’t a lot of options. But with AEW and IMPACT, if you are unhappy with WWE, why not just quit? 

What do you think? Is Shane to blame? Let us know in the comments below.

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