Paul Heyman Calls MVP His Successor, Melina – Royal Rumble

Paul Heyman MVP Successor
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Paul Heyman is giving MVP major props, calling him his future successor. Also, Melina’s short Royal Rumble appearance did not sit well with Mickie James.

Paul Heyman Calls MVP His Successor

Paul Heyman will go down as one of the greatest minds in pro wrestling. He brought ECW to fans, is great on the mic and knows the backstage politics.

When he look around, he sees MVP as his successor. He credits MVP for turning his life around and finding a place in wrestling after his prime years passed.

Of course, MVP retuned to WWE a few years back and was paired with Bobby Lashley. Together, he helped Lashley reach new heights and even become a two time WWE Champion. 

On “The Masked Man Show” podcast, Heyman went over the 16 months Lesnar left WWE. He knew it was coming and that WWE needed a mouthpiece.

“[Brock] was going to go home for a while and that the lead mouthpiece position was going to be opened up,” said Heyman. “So, I brought him in to replace me.” 

“I brought him in as my successor. I brought him in to carry that role on because there were a few people that were helping someone do a promo, but they weren’t doing the role of the old school manager, the new school advocate.”

“That’s the real successor to the evolution of where managers have gone, that you be with an act, and be so identified with that act, that you complete it and it’s not the same without you. Since I knew Brock was going to take time off, MVP was the heir apparent to carrying on that role in the lead position in this industry.”

Combine the two and it has made magic. Finally, Lashley is WWE Champion and he probably has MVP to thank.

Melina – Royal Rumble

Paul Heyman MVP Successor

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Mostly, the 2022 Royal Rumble will be remembered for how lackluster the big event was. While there were plenty of issues, there was a cool moment.

WWE already confirmed Mickie James would return and she did so as the Impact Knockout’s Champion. She wore the title, had the theme and WWE even acknowledged Impact Wrestling. 

During an appearance on GAW TV, James went had one regret as she wanted to work with Melina.

“I didn’t love that at all [Melina being eliminated after 53 seconds],” said James. “I did love that, you know, her entrance, people did exactly what we knew they were going to do.” 

“They erupted, like ‘holys—, it was so good to see her back. She hadn’t been in WWE for over a decade, so I think that was amazing to see her get teared up, and, it was awesome.” 

“I didn’t love the whole she got eliminated first. No, I didn’t love that because obviously as I wanted to be able to be in there with her and tangle it up, and I want her to have those moments with some of the other girls.”

Still, what a turnaround for James. About over a year ago, she was released from WWE for a second time.

Her belongings were sent via mail in a garbage bag, which prompted to apologize and fire staff. Hopefully, James’ latest WWE memory out-shadows the past one.

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