Mystery Man For The Miz, Response To Lita’s Chamber Match

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After Elimination Chamber, fans are wondering who the mystery man is for The Miz to tag with. Plus, WWE is said to be stunned by the response to Lita’s Chamber match.

Mystery Man For The Miz

He is currently in a feud that finds him outnumbered, but there is a mystery man set to arrive for The Miz.

The former champion said as much during a backstage interview after his Elimination Chamber match.

When interviewed, The Miz implied that there would be a mystery man coming to his aide as he battles Rey and Dom Mysterio.

Once that hit, fans began speculating, as fans do.

Popular guesses included Cody Rhodes and John Morrison.

Rhodes would likely never buy into a program with The Miz as his first following a possible WWE return.

John Morrison is currently a free agent, so while he is available…that seems unlikely too.

While nothing is official yet, it seems we should expect a celebrity tag team partner to serve as Miz’s mystery man.


source: @wrestlingnewsco, twitter, screenshot

Specifically, according to PWinsider, the expectation that the present time is that this will be Logan Paul’s WrestleMania moment.

We saw Paul in a segment with The Miz (and Morrison) before, as they worked briefly during 2021.

It seems Paul got bit by the wrestling bug. Plus, we all know that Vince McMahon loves celebrities and big appearances, especially for WrestleMania.

If Logan Paul is the choice, we have to hope he’s anywhere close to as good as Bad Bunny turned out to be last year.

Response To Lita’s Chamber Match

For the first time in 16 years, she was one on one with another Superstar, and WWE has been stunned by response to Lita’s Chamber match.

Lita challenged Becky Lynch on Saturday for the RAW Women’s Championship.

She was unsuccessful…but still impressed people.

Yes, the timing wasn’t as crisp as a regular Superstar. That’s what 16 years of ring rust can do.

However, the response to Lita’s match has been overwhelmingly positive.

Fans loved her, and those in the back are said to have been impressed too.

The reactions might make for some interesting decisions.

response to lita chamber

source: @bigtimeEST, twitter, screenshot

Ahead of the title match, it was revealed that WWE had no future plans involving Lita.

Basically, the plan was one match, at Elimination Chamber. Nothing beyond that.

Now, after seeing the response to Lita’s match at Elimination Chamber…it’s fair to wonder if those plans might have changed.

Lita turned down other offers to wrestle again, so it would seem she’s open to the idea of working more.

She was pushing the narrative that she wasn’t simply back for one more match, but rather felt she had championship run left in her.

No one is calling for WWE to put a title on her, but it is not impossible to consider a longer run.

Perhaps she signs on for a small number of matches and works a handful of dates the rest of the year?

Or, perhaps Lita had fun in Saudi Arabia, but doesn’t want to stick around for much more than that.

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