Lance Archer Nearly Paralyzed
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Lance Archer was nearly paralyzed after landing on his head several months back on AEW TV. Also, Tony Khan on how he got Jay White.

Lance Archer Nearly Paralyzed

Back in October, there was a scary moment for Lance Archer. During an episode of AEW Dynamite, he landed right on his head during a top rope moonsault attempt.

The spot was scary to watch for the live audience. Somehow, Archer completed the match.

Basically, the action was stopped while the medical staff checked on Archer. Then, after several uneasy minutes, the match resumed with Archer taking a quick loss to Eddie Kingston.

During Busted Open, Archer went into details on what occurred. In particular, he noted how a centimeter difference could have been a lifetime of being paralyzed.

“I feel great,” said Archer. “I mean, I’m beyond blessed for the fact that I actually didn’t break my neck.”

“You know, a centimeter a different way, and it could have been a completely different result. I basically gave myself an extreme version of whiplash because I bounced off my forehead.” 

“But, if it had been any part of the crown of my head, I probably would have been paralyzed or dead. So beyond blessed that that didn’t happen.”

After being off TV to heal, Archer returned about a month ago. He went right after AEW World Champion “Hangman” Adam Page.

For the past few weeks, they have been trading insults and strikes. Then, it all came to a head on Wednesday’s Dynamite.

The two met in a Texas Death Match, with Page coming out the victor. Although, neither have nothing to be ashamed of.

As expected, the match was rather violent and saw the ring get destroyed. There were plenty of weapons used as well.

Both men bled a good amount and the fans seemed to respect the the performance. Now, “Hangman” will enter into a title program with Adam Cole.

Jay White – AEW News

Lance Archer Nearly Paralyzed

Source: @EIiteAEW, Twitter, Screenshot

“Switchblade” Jay White appeared during AEW this week, but it was not planned. In fact, Tony Khan only put the deal together a week ago after a slip.

Last week, Khan promised the Forbidden Door would be opened. Then, he realized that he misspoke about using that term.

On AEW, White appeared after Adam Cole and The Young Bucks took out Roppongi Vice. The Young Bucks were surprised to see the Bullet Club member.

This is likely heading to problems for the heels once Kenny Omega returns. Already, AEW has planted the seed for what will be a huge program for the company.

No word if White has signed a contract with AEW. The NJPW star has ben working for Impact Wrestling lately and will wrestle Eric Young at the No Surrender card.