Jim Ross AEW Contract Almost Up, Roman Reigns Breaks Character

Jim Ross AEW Contract
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Jim Ross and his AEW contract end soon, but he hopes to stick around. Also, Roman Reigns broke character in a cool moment for a special WWE fan.

Jim Ross AEW Contract Almost Up

For at least a few weeks, fans knew that Cody Rhodes was working for AEW with no contract. His expired and he did not re-sign like the rest of the EVPs.

Meanwhile, he continued to appear on TV and hinted how he had no contract. Basically, most figured he would sign at some point.

Remember, he was one of the originals to found the company. Now, Cody and his wife, Brandi Rhodes, are no longer part of AEW.

Tony Khan and the Rhodes family all commented on social media. Overall, the departure came off classy.

With Cody out of the picture, it has people wondering who else might go. Several contracts will not be renewed, but that was expected as the company reaches three years.

Another name worth mentioning is Jim Ross. The WWE Hall of Famer has been with AEW since the early shows.

While speaking to JMart and Ramon, Ross noted his contract with AEW will be up shortly. His future is not clear, but he would like to stay in AEW.

“[AEW is] in a really cool spot, especially a guy like me,” said Ross. “My contract is up soon.” 

“I’m not looking to go anywhere, but nonetheless, I’m 70. I have to be realistic at some point in my crazy a— life.”

“I haven’t been [realistic]. My late wife would say, ‘Amen to that. He’s a character.’” 

“I’m loving what I’m doing and it’s still fun for me. As long as you keep that element in the place of work, you’re alright and doing good.”

People have mixed feelings about JR at the announce table. He has tons of experience, but some think he should let someone else take the spot.

In the beginning, it did take Ross time to learn the names of the wrestlers. Although, he got past that and also fielded a few curveballs.

Roman Reigns Breaks Character

Jim Ross AEW Contract

Source: @WrestlingWCC, Twitter, Screenshot

Roman Reigns has been an amazing heel alongside The Usos. Last week, Warrior Award recipient Jarrius “JJ” Robertson was in attendance for SmackDown.

He was having a blast in the front row during SmackDown. In the main event, JJ was able to have both Reigns and The Usos break character. 

It may seem like a small gesture, but a cool move by the WWE superstars. Just to interact with the wrestlers is great enough. 

But, JJ was able to toss in some advice. Reigns listened and JJ even went home with a personal gift.

Sometimes, even the heels need ti turn face for a few moments.

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