Jeff Hardy All Elite
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Jeff Hardy abruptly left the WWE in December 2021, when he walked out of a match during a house show and was released some days later. There’s been much speculation around whether he’d join AEW, and during an interview, he recently confirms things.

Jeff Hardy Confirms He’s All Elite

Jeff Hardy left the WWE in late last year, and reports also indicate that he rejected a Hall of Fame induction. The good news is that fans will be seeing him in AEW, sometime soon.

Hardy was on Officially Jared Myers, a YouTube channel show. During his interview, he confirmed he’s headed to Tony Khan’s promotion.

He and Jared Myers talked about his WWE run, and a possible AEW debut. Hardy would then confirm he’s All Elite by saying he’s “going to AEW” and that he’s “excited” and “nervous”.

Since Hardy left the WWE, there’s been a ton of buzz around Jeff heading to AEW. Especially since his brother Matt is there and the two are on good terms again.

Jeff Hardy Confirms He’s All Elite – What’s Next?

Since Jeff left the WWE, Matt has repeatedly assured fans around how well his brother is doing. This sentiment was also voiced by Beth, Jeff’s wife.

It’s been announced that the Hardy Boyz will reunite in the ring on March 13th. This is the first time the brothers have been together in the squared circle for three years.

The Hardy Boyz are undeniably one of the greatest tag teams of their generations. They’ve not only seen extreme success in the WWE but other promotions like Impact and Ring of Honor (ROH).

Jeff as a singles competitor has also experienced a legendary pro wrestling career. He’s been WWE champion three times, IC champ five times, held the European Championship, as well as the U.S. and Hardcore titles.

Here’s wishing Jeff (and Matt) much success in AEW. It’ll be interesting to see what he and his brother do with this run.

Speaking of AEW, last night’s Dynamite was on fire. In particular, many were blown away by MJF’s promo.

 MJF AEW Dynamite Promo Reaction

During last night’s AEW Dynamite, MJF delivered an incredible, yet highly uncharacteristic promo. In fact, he broke down in tears during the segment.

Jeff Hardy All Elite

Source: @Gareth_EW, Twitter, Screenshot

During the in-ring promo with CM Punk, MJF revealed he dealt with anti-Semitism and bullying as a youngster. He also stated that the way he “made it through” most days was his love of wrestling.

His words hit a lot of fans, wrestlers, and others in the business. As such, many hopped on social media to react and offer MJF support.

Tweets can be seen sprinkled out throughout this article. MJF admitted that doing the promo on national television was the “hardest moment” of his life.

CM Punk Was Even Moved

At the end of the promo, CM Punk stepped out and asked MJF if what he said was “real”. The superstar walked away without responding.

MJF and Punk are set to face each other in a Dog Collar Match. The bout is booked for Sunday, March 6th, at the Revolution pay-per-view (PPV).