Does AEW Have Money Trouble, WWE Signs Former ROH Champion

aew have money trouble
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While it might seem crazy, some rumors make us ask: does AEW have money trouble? Plus, WWE signs a former ROH champion following a tryout earlier in the year.

Does AEW Have Money Trouble

Here is a question I didn’t expect to be asking…but does AEW have money trouble?

According to a report in the Wrestling Observer, the notion of AEW having money trouble is, at the very least, a rumor within the WWE locker room.

That there is such chatter among WWE staff is not a shock. Late last year, there was internal WWE talk pertaining to a few AEW-centric topics.

One of those was the method by which AEW was trouncing WWE in New York ticket sales.

Another report implied that some WWE staff believe Tony Khan and AEW are similar to Eric Bischoff and WCW, and that eventually AEW will over-spend and experience serious issues.

Sounds like some believe that AEW is having money trouble now.

Or, if not money trouble…they are operating within a stricter talent budget than was likely believed.

Per the Observer, the basis for that thinking goes a bit like this.

aew have money trouble

source: @DrainBamager, twitter, screenshot

Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn both had contracts expiring in early 2022. Both Superstars were, at one point, seen as virtual locks to leave WWE and head to AEW.

As we now know, however, both men signed lucrative deals to stay with WWE. Unlike other talent before them, neither Superstar even became a free agent, meaning they never even entertained an AEW offer (legally, officially, anyways).

Additional information indicates that there is another top Superstar that has an expiring contract, who would seem to be an AEW target…and people don’t believe this unnamed talent will bolt.

The thinking in the back suggests that some feel AEW has money trouble, and more specifically are working within a tighter budget.

While they went out and signed names like Bryan Danielson and Adam Cole, and most recently Keith Lee…they likely didn’t need to really outbid WWE for them.

Danielson likely wanted to try something new. Adam Cole probably wasn’t thrilled with his main roster plans, and wanted to work more closely with his other half. 

Keith Lee was surely not happy with WWE, and of the three, he was the only one released.

It’s entirely possible that whatever budget Tony Khan has, he is beginning to be up against it. Those 3 surely did not come cheap.

More important, it seems money was at least part of why one of AEW’s founding stars is now likely headed back to work for Vince.

AEW won’t be able to get themselves a new and more financially beneficial TV deal until 2024. Until then, AEW may have some money trouble.

WWE Signs Former ROH Champion

In somewhat expected news, WWE signs a former ROH champion.

Specifically, it’s being reported that WWE signed young star Rok-c

The news was broken by WWE Hall of Famer Booker -T, on a recent media appearance.

Rok-c impressed during a recent tryout, and there was a strong internal push for the company to sign her.

Now, they have.

wwe signs roh champion

source: @wrestlepurists, twitter, screenshot

Rok-c has ties to Booker, having met him at a wrestling fantasy camp when she was just 13.

From there, she worked hard to achieve her dreams of becoming a pro wrestling champion. 

Before landing in WWE, one of her stops was with Booker’s own wrestling promotion, which explains why he was thrilled to share the news.

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