So, What If Cody Rhodes Does Go To WWE?

Cody Rhodes
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With Cody Rhodes leaving AEW, the speculation about his next move is running wild. All signs seem to point to Rhodes and his wife Brandi returning to WWE and mending some old disagreements with the Fed. 

So what are WWE’s plans for the family Rhodes? Let’s speculate and do some fun fantasy booking!

When Will Cody & Brandy Debut IN WWE?

If WWE wants to treat this like the tectonic move it is, then I expect Cody to be in the main event picture immediately upon debut. To me, that means that Cody debuts the Monday after WrestleMania. The main event picture going into Mania is already set in stone, and it doesn’t make sense to have Cody debut to do an undercard match with no heat behind it.

What Will Cody Rhodes Do In WWE?

Cody’s rumored reasons for leaving range from a pay dispute to Tony Khan taking all the credit publically for AEW’s success. If WWE offers the Rhodes crew a large sum of money and immediately treats him as a main event star, we will see some real sparks fly.  

There’s no reason to think WWE won’t swing for the fences on his debut. A big splash would be Cody challenging Roman or whoever wins between Lashley and Goldberg.  

Another strong possibility is the Rhodes feuding with Miz and Maryse. Two Reality TV couples would make for some great TV and fun promo battles. 

Will WWE Sign Brandi Rhodes?

Brandi & Cody appear to be a package deal, so yes, I expect Brandi to join her. If not in a wrestling capacity, then certainly as a mic. Brandi has improved immensely on the mic, so I think she would be a breath of fresh air for the women’s division, at least.

Make No Mistake Cody Rhodes Returning To WWE Is A Big Deal

It will be WWE’s first significant free agent flip in an ongoing battle for talent if this happens. There will be many people who try to dismiss it, but the reality is that Cody was probably the most influential person in getting AEW to happen. Meltzer’s challenge to him led to the first All In Show that served as the AEW tester show. 

One thing is sure, WWE is making the first months of 2022 fun!

What do you think Cody will do in WWE? Will he even end up in WWE? Let us know in the comment section below.

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