Can Austin Theory Rival The Rock, Lita Thanks Fans

austin theory the rock
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We know he may be primed for big things, but can Austin Theory rival The Rock? Plus, after her Elimination Chamber match, Lita thanks her fans.

Can Austin Theory Rival The Rock

He has certainly gotten a big push of late, but can Austin Theory rival…The Rock?

More specifically, should he be pushed like The Rock?

There is no questioning that Austin Theory has the look that Vince McMahon loves.

Clearly, McMahon sees big things in Theory, or else Vince wouldn’t have returned to a regular TV role, that sees him talking to Austin on a weekly basis.

Now, at least one former WWE employee feels like the company could set up Austin Theory to rival The Rock.

Jim Cornette said as much during a recent podcast.

Specifically, Cornette was questioning some of the recent booking by WWE of Theory.

austin theory the rock

source: @wwe, twitter, screenshot

Seeing how big a deal Theory could be, getting weekly segments with Vince…Cornette questioned the logic of how he interacted with Brock Lesnar on the go-home episode of RAW a week back.

Here’s the thing though, from my less-educated perspective.

One, that segment was funny.

Two, it featured the Chamber participants, and Theory was the low man on the totem pole. Someone had to do the job on RAW, and he was the most obvious choice.

As in, I think he needed to be protected the least.

And then there is this…

Theory basically had the most time in the Chamber match with Brock Lesnar. Yes, he took the decisive pin, but he was the last man in there against Lesnar.

Was it him losing a 20 minute classic? No, not even close,

But he was in there, and I don’t think he got squashed by any means…yet.

So…maybe we will see Austin Theory rival The Rock someday.

But not even The Rock became The Rock instantaneously…

Lita Thanks Fans

It was a long time coming, but she finally had one more match in WWE…and now, Lita thanks her fans.

Keeping up with things, Lita parlayed her 2022 Rumble entrance into a RAW Women’s Championship match against Becky Lynch.

That match took place in Saudi Arabia, at Saturday’s Elimination Chamber event.

Following her appearance, she took to social media to say thanks to the fans.

Her full post can be found on Instagram, as noted by WrestlingNews.co.

Many who watched the match were impressed, especially considering it had been 16 years since she last worked a singles match.

However, heading into her match against Becky Lynch, Lita noted that there were no plans beyond that match.

lita thanks fans

source: @wweshop, twitter, screenshot

That does not mean there won’t be any future matches…it didn’t necessarily feel like any doors were closed.

But, for now, Lita is as grateful as ever.

For all of her time in and around WWE, she has always been very engaging with her fans. It’s not surprising to see her thank fans for their support.

She also made sure to thank the current generation of women Superstars, pushing the division to be better every day.

If the Chamber match ends up her final match, she went out with a well-received effort.

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