Brock Lesnar On Vince McMahon, AEW Signs 16 Year Old Talent

lesnar on vince mcmahon
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If you’ve ever wondered what Brock Lesnar’s thoughts are on Vince McMahon, then today is your day. Plus, AEW signs a 16 year old talent…and he’s still not their youngest signing ever!

Brock Lesnar On Vince McMahon

Plenty of people have thoughts about their boss…so what are Brock Lesnar’s thoughts on Vince McMahon?

While plenty of Superstars, current and former, may have no love lost for the chairman of WWE…Lesnar has a different view.

That insight comes from Lesnar’s appearance on The Pat McAfee Show.

During his time on the show, McAfee had Lesnar discuss his relationships with Dana White and Vince McMahon.

The Beast said he had respect for both men, but he saw his relationship with Vince in a different light.

lesnar on vince mcmahon

source: @wrestlingnewsco, twitter, screenshot

He noted that while at times it’s been a love/hate relationship, he’s known and worked with Vince McMahon for over 20 years…and he sees him as a father figure.

Now, clearly things are on good terms at the moment. Lesnar is heading to Saudi Arabia, where he aims to regain his WWE Championship in the Elimination Chamber.

McMahon could not wait to bring him back at SummerSlam, and when Roman Reigns had to miss Day 1, he pivoted with Lesnar and ended up putting the WWE title on him, unexpectedly.

Those don’t happen if there isn’t a good relationship (and checks being cashed). 

AEW Signs 16 Year Old Talent

In a stunner of a move…AEW signs a 16 year old talent.

It is worth reminding readers that, while 16 is a stunningly young age…this individual is not even the youngest member of the AEW roster.

That honor, of course, belongs to Brodie Lee Jr.

To be fair, a great number of wrestling talents-current and former-started young.

While their peers might have been playing high school sports, some motivated young teenagers were working and learning professional wrestling-before they could even legally drive.

Nick Wayne is just 16 years old…but he is already an impressive and promising talent. He has been performing for 4 years already.

aew signs 16 year old talent

source: @nickwayne21, twitter, screenshot

And, his hard work paid off over the weekend, as AEW offered him a contract, which he accepted.

Per the Wrestling Observer’s Bryan Alvarez, the contract is effectively an internship of sorts. Once Wayne turns 18, things get more interesting.

To be completely honest, Nick Wayne is not just some random, extremely talented and motivated young wrestler.

He was born into the business, with his father and grandfather both having performed around the country. While he may not be a 3rd generation star like The Rock or others…he’s making the most of things thus far.

And, right after being offered his AEW contract, he lined up his next match. 

He is expected to face the former NXT North American Champion, Isaiah “Swerve” Scott, later in February.

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