AEW Teased Jeff Hardy Debut, Horrible Dynamite Match Explained

AEW Teased Jeff Hardy
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Since Jeff Hardy was released by the WWE in late 2021, many have wondered if and when he’d become All Elite, along with brother Matt. As AEW teased something this week, the in-ring return of the Charismatic Enigma might come soon.

AEW Teased Jeff Hardy Debut

A reference to Hardy was made during the Isiah Kassidy versus Keith Lee match, this week on Dynamite. Matt Hardy left Kassidy when he jumped the guard rail ringside, and exited through the live crowd.

For fans that may remember, this is how his brother Jeff reportedly walked out on the WWE during a house show this past December in Edinburg, Texas. Even Tony Schiavone stated the incident was “erratic” during commentary.

More On AEW Teased Debut Of Jeff Hardy

Schiavone’s comments allude to the fact that reports stated Jeff Hardy’s “walkout” during the live event was “erratic”. Interestingly enough, Matt has also hinted recently that Tony Khan could buy out his brother’s WWE contract at some point.

It’s been reported that some weeks ago, the WWE offered Jeff Hardy a Hall of Fame induction. It’s been said he rejected this as he prefers a Hall of Fame induction for him and Matt together, as the Hardy Boyz.

Will Jeff jump over to AEW? Only time will tell!

Speaking of Dynamite debuts, A.Q.A. accepted Jade Cargill’s open challenge for the TBS Championship this week. The match didn’t go quite that well.

Horrible Dynamite Match Explained

Something didn’t seem quite right during the A.Q.A. versus Cargill match this week on AEW Dynamite. Jade was visibly frustrated, the timing was off, and the referee (Bryce Remsberg) could be heard calling various spots.

AEW Teased Jeff Hardy

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Both Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez chime in on this during a recent Wrestling Observer Radio. Both also note that A.Q.A. seemed completely lost.

As Alvarez states, the match was “not good”, and “not Cargill’s fault”. Bryan notes that the referee should’ve been paid “double”, as he was calling spots and screaming at A.Q.A. on what to do next.

He adds that Jade was frustrated. Meanwhile, Meltzer notes that A.Q.A. did get a pop for her shooting star press, but nothing else.

Dave also states that the fans went into the bout with little belief that A.Q.A. could win, and just lost interest. Mix the confusion in the ring, and the bout was overall “poor”.

Both Need To Move On

Here’s hoping both can move forward from this match. While Cargill was not at fault, this will be a mere hiccup for her.

She’ll likely bounce back from this horrible match. Still, A.Q.A. can also get past this if she focuses on lessons learned during the bout.

One bad match can’t define a wrestler. However, how they go beyond it shows true determination.

Once known as Zayda Ramier in NXT, A.Q.A. was trained by Booker T. While her AEW debut didn’t go as planned, she likely still has a bright future ahead in wrestling.

Meanwhile, Cargill became All Elite in late 2020. She became the inaugural TBS Women’s Champion earlier this year, and so far, has been quite successful in retaining the title.