WWE Slams AEW For Blood Use In Women’s Match, AEW Wanted Lita

WWE AEW Blood Women's
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A recent AEW women’s match featured a good amount of blood and WWE took that opportunity to take a swipe at how violent their competition is. Also, AEW tried to book Lita vs Britt Baker last year, but they could not reach a deal.

WWE Slams AEW For Blood Use In Women’s Match

WWE is slamming AEW for the violence in their matches, particularly with female wrestlers. It all began when The Toronto Star ran a story that started looking at viewership between WWE and AEW.

SmackDown did better than Dynamite, but the gap is closing-in. Therefore, the story continued how the edgier AEW content is helping the company. 

Then, WWE issued a statement where they took a shot at AEW’s violence with blood. They pointed out the Jay & Tay Conti vs The Bunny & Penelope Ford Street Fight.

WWE stated:

“If you look at the gory self-mutilation that bloodied several women in the December 31 event on TNT, it quickly becomes clear that these are very different businesses. We had an edgier product in the ‘Attitude’ era and in a 2022 world, we don’t believe that type of dangerous and brutal display is appealing to network partners, sponsors, venues, children, or the general public as a whole.”

From the beginning, the match was full of violence and a good amount of blood was spilled. It was another stellar performance for the women, who turned their division around the past year and it is getting to be on par with WWE.

AEW Wanted Lita

WWE AEW Blood Women's

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Lita has not been an active competitor for about 15 years. Although, she has plenty of offers coming in.

On SmackDown, Lita had an in-ring segment with Charlotte Flair. They traded words and blows, so maybe more occurs at the Royal Rumble.

Now, we learning a bit more about her appearance on SmackDown. Apparently, WWE came up with the idea on Thursday and had Lita fly in the same day.

Meanwhile, AEW had a similar idea to use Lita according to Fightful Select.

“AEW had reached out to the WWE Hall of Famer back in 2021 to appear on a show, but the two sides were unable to come to terms,” the report stated. “Specifically, we learned that a pitch was made to Lita to appear in a top program with the AEW Women’s Champion Dr. Britt Baker DMD.” 

“There were talks between the two sides and a creative plan laid out to possibly happen around AEW All Out 2021, but it didn’t end up happening.”

In less than two years, Britt Baker evolved. She from almost a newbie in pro wrestling to becoming a pillar of AEW.

Seeing Lita in AEW would be somewhat odd as she is known for her time in WWE. A feud with Baker would be something never before seen and probably elevate the doctor.

So, with Sasha Banks likely out of WrestleMania 38, Lita could be her replacement. Already, she had sparked a feud with the champion and a Royal Rumble win would guarantee a title shot.