Day 1 Report Card
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It is Saturday, but their is a pay per view with WWE Day 1 and we have the report card to talk about the newest event. 

WWE Day 1 Report Card: Grades Are In!

Drew McIntyre vs Madcap Moss

Day 1 Report Card

Source: @WrestNewsPost, Twitter, Screenshot

Before the match, we got some lame humor from Madcap Moss and Happy Corbin. I do think they were intentionally trying to be funny, but a huge fail.

McIntyre has been in the main event scene for a while now. Therefore, the match with Madcap Moss makes no sense since Corbin was a better option.

To little surprise, McIntyre won and Corbin’s interference did not matter. McIntyre needs a real program as he lost some steam over the past eight months. Grade: B-

Cesaro & Ricochet vs Ridge Holland & Sheamus

Day 1 Report Card

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The first match of 2022 could be a telling tale of what is to come over the next twelve months. Basically, Ridge Holland broke his nose during the early stages of the match.

Therefore, he was unable to continue and thus his streak of injuries continues. Either Holland is injury prone or just dealing with bad luck.

Either way, the match continued with Sheamus wining for his team solo. With such talent, Sheamus should not have won a basic handicap match as WWE failed to call an audible. Grade: B

SmackDown Tag Team Championships: The Usos vs New Day

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For what might be the 500th time, The Usos and New Day did battle. Meanwhile, each match is always decent if not stellar.

Heading into the bout, you have to think Roman Reigns’ health was on the mind of The Usos. They have fought in amazing battles, so it is tough to top near perfection. 

Basically, they delivered a great match like always. Still, these four talented wrestlers could wrestle each day and it would never be boring. Grade: B+

RAW Tag Team Championships: RK-Bro vs The Street Profits

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We get the rare battle of face vs face. Plus, both teams are very over with the crowd. 

With Migos coming out with RK-Bro, that was a great sign they retain. We got some surprise mind games before the action finally started. 

A fun match that I would not mind to see again. Maybe, The Street Profits get another chance in less than 24 hours at RAW. Grade: B+

Edge vs The Miz

Day 1 Report Card

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Since returning to WWE, Edge has worked against some big names and The Miz deserves to be in that list. Honestly, the match was much better than I thought.

You knew Maryse would be involved and save her husband at least once. Beth Phoenix, with her new Brood look, appearing at Day 1 makes me think she will wrestle soon.

All of Edge’s latest programs see them go to a trigly. Hence, I have to figure a mixed tag match is coming real soon. Grade: B+

RAW Women’s Championship: Becky Lynch vs Liv Morgan

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I thought their meeting a few weeks back would see a title change. It did not happen, but fans were digging the match and seemed into Liv Morgan.

Lynch has been champion for so long (minus her time away becoming a mother), meaning her title loss needed to count by going to the right person. And, Morgan went out there and delivered the performance of her life.

An aggressive affair and Morgan proved she belongs in the title picture after such improvement. Maybe, Morgan is one of the new favorites to win the Royal Rumble Match. Grade: B+

WWE Championship: Big E vs Kevin Owens vs Seth Rollins vs Bobby Lashley vs Brock Lesnar

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Several superstars recently caught COVID, which left matches in question. In the end, everything went fine, besides Roman Reigns being pulled for a positive test.

First, we wish him the best as the virus is bad enough and he is at high risk having been diagnosed with leukemia. Therefore, the big angle WWE had planned with Paul Heyman that would play a major role for WrestleMania 38 did not happen.

As for the match, it was filled with guys who like to give bumps and others who do not mind taking them. Therefore, it was a great contest as they brawled around the ring and now Brock Lesnar is again WWE Champion. Grade: A-

This was first time with the WWE Day 1 report card. So, what would your WWE Day 1 report card look like?