Why Jon Moxley Used F-Bomb On Dynamite, WWE Superstar Re-Signs

Jon Moxley On Dynamite
Source: All Elite Wrestling, Twitter, Screenshot

Jon Moxley returned to AEW with an explosive promo. Some questionable language was used during the segment, which had many raising an eyebrow. A report has surfaced outlining the reason for his F-bomb on prime-time television.

Why Jon Moxley Used F-Bomb On Dynamite

Jon Moxley’s AEW return was an exciting moment for both the superstar, his fans, and the company. Sadly, the wrestler addressed a tasteless fan heckle by instructing them to go “F” themselves on his live mic.

Unfortunately, there’s one bad apple that always spoils the bunch. Dave Meltzer talks about the comment and Jon’s response on his most recent Wrestling Observer Radio.

He compares it all to Bret Hart’s promo after his brother Owen passed away. As Meltzer notes, Moxley was walking to the ring with momentum.

The crowd is cheering wildly when all of a sudden, one person has to ruin the moment. Dave recalls a similar situation when Bret Hart returned after his brother Owen died.

Much like Jon, Hart came back to a cheering crowd offering support and love. As they should’ve of.

Then, one person cat-called Bret, and he retreated. Meltzer notes that Hart talked to him a day or two after the incident and Bret noted that he “had a great promo”, but because of the comment, he felt as if “these people” didn’t deserve it.

More On Why Jon Moxley Used That Comment On Dynamite

Dave states that one person during Moxley’s AEW Dynamite promo booed him, and the fan said that “they” should get this “drunken” piece of trash out of the ring. Jon heard it and replied “F- you, get out of here”.

While the network likely wasn’t happy with what Jon did, at least he addressed the comment and likely silenced the fan. Plus, the promo has received a ton of buzz.

Over to the land of the WWE, another major superstar has re-signed with the WWE. More on this below.

WWE Superstar Re-Signs

Good news for Sami Zayn fans! Reports indicate that the two-time Intercontinental Champion has re-signed with the WWE.

Jon Moxley On Dynamite

Source: Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful.com, Twitter, Screenshot

Rumors surfaced in mid-December that Zayn’s contract was up at the end of 2021. According to Fightful Select, he has inked a new multi-year deal with the sports entertainment brand.

No more information on the length of his WWE deal. However, it’s safe to speculate that it could be three years.

A number of talents have re-signed with this timeline. This includes Zayn’s real-life wrestling BFF, Kevin Owens.

Sami Zayne Remained “Private”

According to the report, Zayn was “private” about his negotiations with the company. With that said, WWE was clear they wanted him to stay, and a new contract was organized.

Apparently, both AEW and Ring of Honor (ROH) were interested in Zayn, if he left WWE. Sami has established a nice name in this industry and would’ve likely been okay had he been released.

Sami Zayn entered the land of WWE in 2013. He started out in NXT and would even hold the NXT Championship for a period of time.

Zayn debuted on RAW in his hometown of Montreal, Quebec, Canada in May 2015 when he was introduced by the iconic Bret Hart. He answered John Cena’s U.S. Open Challenge and has left a nice impression on fans, since.

While he’s had to deal with his fair share of injuries, Sami has had a nice career in the WWE over the past eight years. Here’s to bigger and brighter accomplishments in the near future.