Was Jeff Hardy Destined For NXT, AEW Faction Nearing Its End

jeff hardy destined nxt
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We all know he was released, but if he wasn’t…was Jeff Hardy destined for NXT? Plus, one AEW faction is nearing its end.

Was Jeff Hardy Destined For NXT

Everyone knows that the Charismatic Enigma is no longer in WWE. But was Jeff Hardy destined for NXT prior to his release?

As it turns out…yes.

Now, Jeff Hardy being in NXT would not have been the first time a Hardy in NXT was talked about.

However, with both Hardys now once again out of WWE…neither has been involved with NXT.

So, if Hardy was destined for NXT…what was the plan?

What if there was a young and fast-rising NXT tag team, that perhaps reminded some of a younger version of the Hardy Boyz?

Not thinking of one?

How about MSK.

jeff hardy destined nxt

source: custom, wrestle purists twitter screenshot

Per a report from Fightful, prior to his WWE release, Jeff Hardy was destined for NXT.

Specifically, it would have been Hardy in NXT as the shaman that MSK sought out.

Instead, WWE changed plans and made NXT alum Riddle the shaman.

According to the report, the company had done work with Hardy for this angle…and there is (or was) footage shot between the former WWE Superstar and the former NXT Tag Team Champions.

However, Hardy had some issue at a house show, and it led to his release…and the rest is history.

On one hand, Hardy as the shaman would have worked. I could totally see it, and honestly having Hardy work less and mentor more in NXT wouldn’t have been a terrible idea.

However, on the other hand? Riddle as the goofy shaman for MSK also totally works.

While they work different styles, WWE did well when they pivoted the role to Riddle.

AEW Faction Nearing Its End

While the company seems to have more than its fair share of them, one AEW faction seems to be nearing its end.

According to the Wrestling Observer, The Pinnacle may be nearing the end of it’s run as an AEW faction.

The group certainly won’t likely win any longevity awards-The Four Horsemen they are not.

However, in recent wrestling history, it seems so few factions last more than a year or two.

The Pinnacle is nearing its end too, in about that time…depending on when they break up.

As laid out by the Observer, the group isn’t exactly on the same page. MJF is one of the hottest heels in the industy-in AEW or WWE.

aew faction nearing its end

source: custom, AEW twitter screenshot

That is backed up by talk of how interested WWE will be when his current contract expires.

FTR is capable of running by themselves, but they are also heels…as is Shawn Spears.

And then there is Wardlow…how falls on the other side of the fence.

Per the report, the group is nearing it’s end, sooner than later.

I suppose it is possible that, rather than ending the AEW faction, the group could do something else entirely.

After all, they wouldn’t be the first faction to boot one member, rather than completely disbanding.

However, if AEW sees more value in splitting the whole group and ditching The Pinnacle, then so be it.

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