Trish Stratus Teases Appearance, NXT Superstar Out Of Action

trish stratus teases appearance
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We’ve seen a number of big names announced for the Rumble already, and now Trish Stratus teases an appearance. Plus, one NXT Superstar is out of action for a while.

Trish Stratus Teases Appearance

The Royal Rumble has a history of surprise entrants…and now Trish Stratus teases an appearance on Saturday.

Stratus was recently a guest on the Bella Twins podcast. Brie And Nikki are both already announced for Saturday’s event.

On the show, the topic of whether Stratus would once again be one of 30 female Superstars trying to win a spot in the WrestleMania main event came up.

To no one’s shock, Trish Stratus danced around the answer.

trish stratus teases appearance

source: custom, diva dirt twitter screenshot

She never definitively said no. But it could certainly be taken as Stratus teases an appearance.

Having the Hall of Famer in the Rumble makes a ton of sense.

For one thing, it is a long-running thing to have a few nostalgia acts appear, though this is much more established for the longer-running men’s match.

Still, when the women finally got a Rumble of their own, we saw Stratus and Lita and others come back.

This year, we already know of quite a few names who would fall under this category.

Heck, we even already know of one name that would have otherwise been a massive surprise on Saturday.

But one notable name not announced? Trish Stratus.

So, she can tease the appearance…and probably will, until the match ends with (or without) her showing up.

Now, she was also up front that she is filming a show in Canada, which should wrap up this week.

And, there are still travel issues, though she also expected those to be out of the way in a day or two.

So, Trish Stratus has not said she’s in…or out…of Saturday’s Royal Rumble.

NXT Superstar Out Of Action

Someone who won’t be in the Rumble is Odyssey Jones. The NXT Superstar will be out of action for a good chunk of 2022.

Jones will be out of action thanks to an injury he suffered that required surgery.

Officially, Jones was injured a couple weeks back, filming a match that was planned for 205 Live.

Due to the injury suffered by Jones during the match, it both never finished, and never aired.

WWE effectively wrote the injury into NXT storylines via the show last week.

nxt superstar out of action

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On that episode, we got to see Jones, in the training room on crutches and with a brace, get taken out by Harland as Joe Gacy watched.

On the January 25th episode of NXT, the company confirmed that Jones underwent successful surgery to repair the damage.

Jones’ knee injury should keep him out till the fall. Assuming Harland and Gacy are both still with NXT (and WWE), there is a feud waiting for the NXT Superstar when he returns.

It’s tough luck for Jones, who has been impressive since getting featured regularly. He moves very well for a wrestler of his size, and he also engages with the fans quite well.

He should be one to watch for when he does return later this year.


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