Superstar Had Successful Surgery, How WWE Got Mickie James Back

superstar had successful surgery
source: custom, Ridge Holland twitter screenshot

After an unfortunate break, one Superstar confirmed he had successful surgery. And, let’s find out how WWE got Mickie James back.

Superstar Had Successful Surgery

After a nasty injury, one WWE Superstar confirmed he has had successful surgery.

That Superstar would be none other than Ridge Holland. Holland had his nose broken by Ricochet on the Day 1 pre-show.

For fans of the brawling Superstar, you will recall it is not the first time he’s been bit by the injury bug.

And, it’s not the first time the Superstar has had successful surgery.

superstar had successful surgery

source: custom, Ridge Holland twitter screenshot

If you did not know, Holland was getting a big break on NXT when he suffered a freak and gruesome leg injury.

It was a terrible stroke of  bad luck for the former rugby player.

He returned from that injury and continued to impress in his brief time in NXT…and was quickly brought up to the main roster.

And while any sort of main roster run might have been looking good, it’s likely on pause for a little.

Holland spoke recently and confirmed that he had successful surgery, fixing his broken nose.

It was noted that he would miss some time due to the surgery. However, he expects to be back as soon as possible.

While discussing his injury and surgery, he mentioned that, when he does get back in the ring, he may follow Sheamus’ example.

Meaning when Ridge Holland does return, it’s possible he will be rocking a stylish mask too.

How WWE Got Mickie James Back

Speaking of returns, if you wanted to know how WWE got Mickie James back…wonder no more.

Mickie James, the current IMPACT Knockouts Champion, sat down and talked with Ariel Helwani.

One main topic was how she was brought in for the Rumble…especially with how she was unceremoniously dropped in 2020.

So, the Knockouts Champion explained just how WWE got Mickie James to come back for the Royal Rumble.

For starters, James acknowledged that apologies were issued for the now-infamous incident where WWE sent her things to her in a garbage bag.

When asked how they got her back, she explained that she believed John Laurinaitis reached out to IMPACT exec Scott D’Amore, and that the two brokered a deal.

Surely there was some negotiating behind the scenes, and all that helped get Mickie James back.

how wwe got mickie james back

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James mentioned that she saw how big a deal such a move was. WWE has never acknowledged another American promotion’s champion, much less had one in the Royal Rumble.

While there have been matches involving Japanese talents, that was a bit different.

It is entirely possible that such a move only amounts to a one-off Rumble return for James.

However, it’s also possible that the move that allowed WWE to get Mickie James back, is also creating other opportunities.

There is already talk of this opening some forbidden door into the men’s Royal Rumble.

For a company that has long restricted its talent from working elsewhere, with few exceptions, having what looks like an active partnership with arguably a competitor is practically a history move…and James gets to be a part of it.

Or, it’s just a sign that Nick Khan is about to buy IMPACT, and all this is just a smoke screen.