Several AEW Wrestlers Leaving, Undertaker At Royal Rumble

Several AEW Wrestlers Leaving
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Be on the lookout, as several AEW wrestlers are leaving as their contracts are not being renewed. Also, the Undertaker will be in town for the Royal Rumble on Saturday.

Several AEW Wrestlers Leaving

There was talk that AEW would not be renewing several contracts in the near future. Now, we are starting to see who is likely exiting soon.

PWInsider was able to confirm that AEW will not be bringing back some names. Also, they continued how those not getting new contracts will be gone in 30 to 60 days.

Currently, it seems AEW is mixing who is gone. There are some originals and new additions leaving.

So far, Peter Avalon, Lio Rush, Marko Stunt, Joey Janela and Brian Cage are likely on their way out.

First, let us get to the originals Avalon, Stunt and Janela. All three have been with AEW since their first show.

Which Wrestlers Are Leaving AEW

Avalon has mostly been a Dark performer during his librarian phase. Of all the names discussed, there is talk the promotion might figure something out to keep him around.

That would be Avalon becoming a part time AEW wrestler or working backstage. He has been taking Indy bookings for a few weeks now.

Stunt has always been partnered with Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus. Although, he was quietly removed from the group and now they are the current tag champions.

Janela seemed destined for a major push in AEW considering his feud with Jon Moxley in the beginning. For whatever reason, he was not pushed after a few months.

Mostly, he spent time teaming with Sonny Kiss. They would split and feud for a bit.

Cage joined AEW after an impressive run in Impact Wrestling and surgery. He was quickly inserted into programs alongside Taz as the FTW Champion.

He had a good run, where he faced Team Taz and worked opposite then AEW World Champion, Moxley. After not being on TV for months, Cage’s wife posted comments on social media that were probably frowned upon.

Rush has not been with AEW for very long. Like in the past, Rush never seems able to stay in one place for very long.

As for all those leaving AEW, the ones named today are not a major surprise.

Undertaker At Royal Rumble

Several AEW Wrestlers Leaving

Source: @JustTalkWrestle, Twitter, Screenshot

Apparently, the Undertaker will be around for the Royal Ruble on January 29. Although, do not look for him to wrestle as he is officially retired.

PWInsider first reported the news. They noted the belief is he will be there to support his wife and may shoot content for the WWE.

Undertaker’s wife, Michelle McCool, will be part of the Women’s Royal Rumble Match. She has competed before, scoring a bunch of eliminations.

Of course, Undertaker could appear during the pay per view. But, the card is full and WWE really does not have time.

WWE needs to focus on WrestleMania 38 and not bring back names from the past. In conclusion, it is always great to see the Undertaker but not with WrestleMania season finally here.

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