Seth Rollins WrestleMania 38
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Seth Rollins is known for big matches and he seems set for another at WrestleMania 38. Also, AEW might not be renewing some contracts in the near future.

Seth Rollins – WrestleMania 38 Rumor

Things change in WWE seemingly almost every minute. COVID causes superstars to test positive and miss TV, which results in more changes.

There was recently a huge COVID outbreak and it caused a major change to the Day 1 pay per view. Roman Reigns was unable to defend his title because he tested positive.

So, Brock Lesnar was added to the WWE Championship Match, where he pinned Big E. Therefore, Lesnar left with a title that he was not even set to challenge for.

This has caused some discussion about the main events for the two nights of WrestleMania 38. Lesnar vs Reigns is set for the marquee match.

Meanwhile, Seth Rollins has been pushed to walk into WrestleMania 38 as WWE Champion. As noted earlier, Rollins was originally set to win the title at Day 1 before the unexpected changes.

During the Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted he was not sure who Rollins would face. Although, Big E was mentioned. 

With the Royal Rumble coming up, it might help give a better idea of what WWE has planned for the major two-night event. The Rumble sees Lesnar vs Bobby Lashley, Reigns vs Rollins, Men’s Royal Rumble Match and Women’s Royal Rumble Match.

AEW Not Renewing Contracts?

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AEW just celebrated their third anniversary of confirming the arrival of a new pro wrestling promotion. When they began, the roster was mixed.

There were some veterans like Chris Jericho, familiar names like PAC and those still looking for their first big break on TV like Jungle Boy. Now, fans are starting to see the roster change.

As the company grows, they have been able to bring in huge names. Recently they signed CM Punk, Adam Cole and Bryan Danielson in a short period of time.

With so many names arriving to AEW, some will have to go. AEW has a policy where they do not release talent unless it involves disciplinary matters.

Otherwise, they simply let the contract run out. That is what they did with Big Swole, but that is another story.

In particular, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter pointed out Jurassic Express. Lately, they have not been seen with Marko Stunt.

The has led to speculation he will be one of the wrestlers whose contract is not renewed. No news on when that deal ends, but spring of this year seems possible. 

Stunt debuted at Double Or Nothing in May 2019. Lately, he lost a few matches aired in September and October. 

He last fought on September 11, which was taped for the October 5 episode of Dark. He lost to Serpentico.