Samoa Joe On Next Move After Release, WWE Gives-Up

Samoa Joe After Release

Following his second WWE release, Samoa Joe has a clear idea what is next. Also, WWE is giving-up on challenging Ric Flair over the nickname “The Man.”

Samoa Joe On Next Move After Release

For the second time within 12 months, WWE has released Samoa Joe. Unlike the first time, it does not look like the company will change their mind.

With Joe being part of the latest NXT releases, it has people wondering about his future. Some thought WWE would keep him around for a backstage role, but that is not the plan.

On The Wrestling Inc. Daily, Ring Of Honor (ROH) ambassador Cary Silkin spoke about Joe. He noted how he texted Joe earlier in the day.

“I did communicate with Samoa Joe today,” said Silkin. “Just to say, ‘hey man, I am sure you’re going to be fine.’” 

“He was like, ‘yeah, I am going to take a month off and just sort it out,’ and see what his next move is. But, there’s a lot of that going on.”

Finding work should not be hard for Joe. There are opportunities outside of the United States, but plenty in the area.

He could return to Impact Wrestling where he was a star for a decade. The promotion looks to be in better shape than when Joe departed.

Then, there is of course AEW and the NWA. AEW has a stacked roster, with some questioning if they have too many wrestlers.

The NWA is another option. They are full of wrestling history and it is one of the few places Joe is yet to make a statement.

In WWE, Joe had to deal with several injuries. Despite that, he was booked pretty well.

His final storyline saw him defeat Karin Kross for the NXT Championship. Quickly, was stripped of the title due to injury and that was the end.

WWE Gives-Up

Samoa Joe After Release

Source: Ric Flair, Twitter, Screenshot

Becky Lynch really took off when WWE attempted to turn her heel. It did not work and Lynch became the top face.

To go with the attitude change, so did the nickname. Lynch began using “The Man,” which upset Ric Flair.

Flair and WWE seemed to be headed towards a legal battle over the name. Now, it appears WWE is going a different direction. 

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted how WWE changed her nickname lately on TV. Now, she is going as “Big Time Becks.”

“Evidently the reason Lynch is now ‘Big Time Becks’ and not ‘The Man’ is that WWE gave up in the legal fight over that term with Ric Flair,” the report stated. “Flair noted on his show that she’s no longer “The Man” because he owns the rights to that name in pro wrestling.”

Flair is no longer under contract with WWE. Also, he is in hot water after Dark Side Of The Ring.

Lynch is doing just fine since returning at SummerSlam. She is the top female heel on RAW and seems to have not lost any steps inside the ring.