Renee Paquette On William Regal Release, Ex AEW Champ On Hiatus

Renee Paquette William Regal
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Renee Paquette has no clue what WWE was thinking when they released William Regal. Also, a former AEW Champion has left the United States after being written off TV.

Renee Paquette On William Regal Release

The original NXT and new version look nothing alike. Almost all the wrestlers are different and even the layout has dramatically changed.

Many wrestlers were released and others opted not to renew their deal. So, of the many releases, people really are shocked they let William Regal.

Renee Paquette was on Busted Open Radio and she can not fathom why WWE released Regal. Basically, she would call him one of the cornerstones of NXT.

“I just can’t get over the fact that William Regal has been let go by WWE,” said Paquette. “It just kills me.” 

“I can’t wrap my head around what the thought process was of not having William Regal be a part of any wrestling promotion.”

“When you think of the respect that comes from William Regal, you think of the history, and the knowledge, and all of the things that sum up William Regal as a wrestler as a mentor on the creative side.” 

Renee Paquette Upset Over William Regal

“Even just having him in the GM position. He brings so much to the table.”

“It’s upsetting, it’s really upsetting and it bums me out. “I mean, I know William Regal will land somewhere happily and will be able to put his services to good use somewhere. And I can’t wait to see what this is.” 

“Maybe he doesn’t’ maybe he just wants to hang out. I don’t know what William Regal’s going to do.”

Before working in NXT, Regal spent a long time on the main roster. For many, he is their favorite wrestler and idol because of all he has done for the young talent.

Regal addressed his release after over decades with WWE and he has no hard feelings.

Ex AEW Champ On Hiatus

Renee Paquette William Regal

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AEW will be down their former women’s champion for a bit. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted how Hikaru Shida has returned to Japan.

She was written off TV this past week on Dynamite. Serena Deeb attacked before the bell and won after the referee stopped the bout.

After the match, Serena kept working on the knee. Basically, after a bunch of kendo stick shots, she was removed from the ring.

Shida sold the injury in a set of tweets also indicating her return to Japan.

Deeb and Shida have been feuding for months. Now, they are 2-2 and at least one more match will likely happen before the program ends.

 Shida is best known for her 370 title reign as AEW Women’s Champion. It is the longest title reign of all AEW title holders.