Ortiz Nearly Lost Finger At Stadium Stampede, AEW Star Re-Signs

Ortiz Finger Stadium Stampede
Source: Digital Spy, Twitter, Screenshot

The Inner Circle made a huge entrance during AEW’s 2021 Double or Nothing. Sailing down the scoreboard at the Stadium Stampede was a cool watch for fans, but a tad scary Ortiz. He nearly lost a finger.

Ortiz Nearly Lost Finger At Stadium Stampede

During an interview with Digital Spy, Ortiz and Santana listed the Stadium Stampede entrance as a favorite moment with Inner Circle. Santana notes it was likely the “craziest” thing he’s done in wrestling.

Interestingly enough, Santana also states he was the first in the Inner Circle that was taken up to the scoreboard, waiting for the entrance. They took each member, one by one, to hook them in.

The two biggest individuals had to be at each end. As Santana relays, the guy who was rigging the group up asked who would be first, and Jake Hagar looked at him and said, “that’s all you”.

So, as Santana puts it, he had “no choice” but to be the first member to go up. He recalls standing up there by himself, watching his whole life flash by, as he was going to be propelled 100+ feet.

Ortiz Is Glad He Didn’t Lose A Finger At Stadium Stampede

Ortiz chimes into the story stating that he’ll never forget the entrance. It was a “wild” experience.

He also notes that the experience was “extra scary”. This was because he almost lost a finger during it all.

Ortiz states he wasn’t wearing gloves. When he jumped, he instinctively grabbed the rope in front of him.

A thick metal carabine is hooked, so the slack of him being pulled up, cut his finger. He wrestled the rest of Stadium Stampede with a bandage on his finger.

According to Ortiz, the cut was pretty deep. He still has a scar.

Ortiz notes that if he had grabbed it at a different angle, his finger may have gone flying off. He’s very grateful that didn’t happen.

Over to other AEW news, a superstar has decided to continue his run with the company. More on this, below.

AEW Star Re-Signs

According to PW Insider, Frankie Kazarian has re-signed with AEW. The former tag team champion signed a new contract, but details haven’t been released as of yet.

Ortiz Finger Stadium Stampede

Source: Wrestling Observer, Twitter, Screenshot

In 2019, Frankie, along with SCU partners Scorpio Sky and Christopher Daniels, were some of the first stars to sign AEW contracts. He was also a first-ever AEW tag champion with Sky when the two defeated Lucha Bros in the finals of the eliminator tournament.

They remained champions for a total of 83 days. Then, they would drop the titles to Kenny Omega and Hangman Page.

The Elite Hunter Emerges

The SCU disbanded last year, after a failed attempt to win the tag championships from the Young Bucks. Kazarian was set up for a singles run as the “Elite Hunter”.

He’s been featured on both AEW Dark and AEW Dark: Elevation lately. His most recent match was against Lance Archer on January 19th.

Reports have surfaced recently that a number of AEW contracts are set to expire, soon. This includes stars like Joey Janela, Brian Cage, Lio Rush, Marko Stunt, plus others.

The talents could be out if they are not provided a new contract. Stay tuned WNZ fans.