Cody Rhodes Working Without Contract, AEW Star Does Not Trust WWE

cody rhodes working without contract
source: custom, wrestle purists twitter screenshot

In a surprise bit of news, apparently Cody Rhodes is working without a contract. Plus, one AEW star does not trust WWE, even though they’ve expressed interest.

Cody Rhodes Working Without Contract

In a time where we have a glut of wrestling free agents, there might be a big one we didn’t realize. Apparently, Cody Rhodes has been working in AEW without a contract.

That is definitely an eye-opening bit of news.

Consider that Cody Rhodes was instrumental in the formation of AEW, and it’s amplified.

According to Fightful, Rhodes has been working without a contract since the end of 2021.

The timing lines up, as it’s been reported that a number of AEW originals have recently had contracts renewed. 

Apparently, and for reasons unknown, Cody Rhodes was not among that group of renewals.

Now, it is worth cautioning that this might really mean very little. Cody Rhodes and Tony Khan could very well have a verbal agreement, and just have yet to make it formalized.

These types of agreements are not uncommon in wrestling.

cody rhodes working without contract

source: custom, wrestle purists twitter screenshot

Then again, this could have already been resolved and the news hasn’t been made public either.

However, if Rhodes is indeed a free agent, even though he holds the TNT Championship…it would mean he could go work anywhere he wants.

And, WWE has a major event in a couple weeks…and we’ve already seen them start opening their own “forbidden door”.

Could, as some are speculating, Cody Rhodes show up at the Royal Rumble?

Most of us have learned long ago, never say never with professional wrestling.

I’d add a couple caveats here, just because…

First, I think of all current AEW stars, under contract or not, Cody Rhodes seems like a long shot. I feel like there is lingering bad blood between he and Vince McMahon, considering the PPV names WWE has locked up that were out of the mind of Dusty Rhodes himself.

Second, while WWE was on board with acknowledging IMPACT…I do not feel that they would do the same with AEW.

However…IF the company was going to do this? Someone would have to be that historic entrant, which is certainly enticing.

Rhodes hasn’t said anything about his status, and until we have seen all 30 entrants in the Rumble, this one likely won’t go away.

AEW Star Does Not Trust WWE

Not really a stunner, but at least one AEW star does not trust WWE at the moment.

The AEW star in question for this one is Britt Baker.

Baker made her comments via Inside the Ropes.

aew star doesnt trust wwe

source: custom, britt baker twitter screenshot

She noted that WWE has or had expressed interest in signing her, but she does not trust the company at present.

At the heart of that comment would no doubt be the rash of releases WWE has made over the last couple years.

Per Baker, she feels that AEW delivers what they’ve promised to her. She does not trust that WWE would do the same.

Baker does have the benefit of some additional insight, since her other half did recently work for WWE.

Considering how Adam Cole left, and how WWE handled things, it’s a bit surprising that Baker wouldn’t have been a little more torn.

Yes, WWE has done some Superstars dirty, and it’s nearly impossible to defend the overwhelming number of releases.

However, for some guys like Cole, I don’t know that WWE could have done things much better.