Reigning UFC lightweight champion Charles Oliveira wants more gold.

Oliveira is coming off a successful title defense over Dustin Poirier at UFC 269. 

And while the division remains a strong one in regards to contenders, Oliveira believes more is out there for him.

In an interview with MMA Fighting’s Portuguese-language podcast Trocacao Franca, Oliveira discussed the idea of fighting at featherweight or welterweight.

“I really thought I couldn’t drop to 145 anymore,” he said, “but this last weight cut, I was really (close) before the fight with this work we’ve been doing. Lots of water in the body, and we believe we could easily make 145.

“If I had the opportunity to go straight for the 145 belt, I’d move down to fight.”

Reigning featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski was set to meet Max Holloway. However, Holloway was forced out due to an injury.

“If I had the opportunity to go straight for the 170 belt, I’d also move up to fight,” Oliveira said, “but I believe it’s more viable to (drop) to 145 instead of going to 170 at this moment.”

Kamaru Usman is the current welterweight champion in the UFC.