Bully Ray Responds To Harsh Criticism, Is Superstar Getting A Reboot?

bully ray responds to fans
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It’s been a rough week for him, and now Bully Ray responds to fans. After ditching the bright and happy look, is a RAW Superstar getting a reboot?

Bully Ray Responds To Harsh Criticism

The WWE Hall of Famer angered quite a few in the audience last week, and now Bully Ray responds to fans.

To be clear, he was responding to fans who were at the GCW show in New York City over the weekend…but the sentiment carries over.

For anyone who hasn’t been following this drama, here’s a quick recap.

Last week, Jon Moxley returned to AEW after time off to address his alcohol abuse.

bully ray responds to fans

source: custom, Bully ray twitter screenshot

When he returned, he had a colorful promo…but Bully Ray ripped Mox for not apologizing to fans.

Many, including Moxley’s own wife, took issue with Bully Ray’s bad take.

And, with Moxley wrestling at the GCW show over the weekend, fans at the Hammerstein Ballroom made good use of the opportunity.

Specifically, they made sure to let the returning Moxley know just what they thought of Bully Ray’s take.

Here’s the synopsis:

And, Bully Ray responded:

At this point, it seems quite unlikely that Bully Ray would issue any sort of public apology.

He chose his hill and he continues to play the heel in this situation. That’s not to say this is an angle, but Bully Ray has never been one to flip flop…so why would we think he’d start now?

 Is Superstar Getting A Reboot?

For most of the last few months, fans have been asking or hoping for it…so is a RAW Superstar finally getting a reboot?

It seems possible, if new filings are to be believed.

Alexa Bliss was off of WWE television for a stretch. With her disappearance, fans wondered if the Superstar would be getting a reboot.

Bliss recently returned to WWE television with new vignettes of her visiting a therapist. During these sessions, she is still portraying her Fiend-influenced persona.

However, per the report, WWE recently filed to protect “The Goddess” moniker…something Bliss used before aligning with Bray Wyatt.

is superstar getting a reboot

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Of course, Wyatt has since been released by WWE. Bliss maintained the dark and twisted character, but many fans have screamed for the change back.

For one thing, the makeover worked in large part because of the link to Bray Wyatt and his Fiend character.

With Wyatt and The Fiend released, there has been little reason to keep things going as they were for Alexa.

On one hand, when Bliss returned still clinging to Lilly and her twisted alter ego, it made people think the worst.

However, with the news of the filing…and the vignettes having Bliss in therapy…perhaps it’s her shrink that triggers the Superstar getting a reboot.

If she does indeed return to her old gimmick, how soon could we see the reboot happen?

Considering the Royal Rumble happens on Saturday, and the women’s match was notably struggling for bodies…Alexa seems like a lock for a surprise return.

If so, the question then becomes…which Alexa Bliss enters the Rumble?

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