Another Superstar Requests Release, AEW Reacts To WWE Shade

another superstar requests release
Credit: custom, pro wrestling finesse twitter screenshot

The good news keeps coming for Nick Khan, as another Superstar requests their release. Plus, it seems AEW reacts to WWE shade from a veiled shot.

Another Superstar Requests Release

Nick Khan has to be happy, as another Superstar requests his release via Twitter.

The Superstar requesting his release in this case would be Mustafa Ali.

It has been an interesting last few years for the Superstar.

another superstar requests release

source: custom, pro wrestling finesse twitter screenshot

How things have worked out lately, it’s not hard to see why he asked for his release.

Though, it is a bit notable how he went about it.



In a further update via Fightful, there is some belief that the request for release comes after Ali and Vince McMahon had an argument backstage.

It is worth asking how things could have been different for Ali

After all…it was his injury that opened the door for Kofi-mania to happen.

Ali was enjoying an unexpected push when he suffered a facial fracture. Kofi slid into his spot, and seized his WrestleMania moment.

Granted, we will never know what would have happened if Ali had not been injured. There’s nothing saying it would have been Ali, not Kofi, winning the belt at ‘Mania.

Since that point, the biggest thing Ali had done-and wishes he hadn’t-would be leading Retribution.

That stable imploded, and it’s something that could have been interesting, but WWE botched that…to almost no one’s surprise.

AEW Reacts To WWE Shade

In a follow-up to a story we covered earlier, it seems that AEW reacts to WWE shade, relative to some “glorified gore”.

Specifically, WWE tossed shade on AEW for using blood as a key component to an AEW women’s match at the end of 2021.

Now, we’ve seen female wrestlers bleed before…but generally, it is rare. And, if it was even planned in WWE matches, most times we’ve seen a Superstar bleed, those seem to be accidental.

Like, for example, when the now-released Nia Jax busted Becky Lynch’s nose.

WWE was critical of the amount of blood featured in one AEW match in particular, from the December 31st match that involved Tay Conti, Anna Jay, The Bunny and Penelope Ford.

aew reacts to wwe shade

source: custom, Anna Jay twitter screenshot

With the comments tossed out in print, it gained attention. Some who spotted it were those women involved in the bloody match.

The participants posted pictures, to their respective social media accounts, expressing their reactions.

As you can see, both via Wrestling Inc and elsewhere, those AEW stars don’t seem too concerned by the WWE shade.

WWE said they feel the gratuitous blood goes back to a prior era, one they’ve moved well past.

That may be true, but if it’s working now for someone else, so be it.

And, to be honest, gore or not, lots of things have been working for AEW. The relatively young promotion has developed into a legitimate challenge to WWE’s industry dominance.

For what it’s worth, whether men or women, blood can be one element to help tell the story in a match.

So long as it’s used effectively, and not excessively, it can be fine. If, however, the story of the match wasn’t good wrestling but rather the amount of gore?

Then I think there’s some things to work on.

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