Xia Li
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Xia Li debuted on the December 10th episode of Smackdown Live, coming to the defense of Naomi as she goes up against Sonya Deville and her cronies. Xia Li came out with a sword and a kick-butt entrance to even the odds.

WWE has invested a lot in her and she’s on track to be the first major Chinese star for the company. Here are some fun fast facts about Xia Li. 

Xia Li A Practioner of Wushu

Lest you think she is doing all of these martial arts moves as a racist gimmick, Xia Li is actually a trained and accomplished practitioner of Wushu, a martial art developed a synthesis of various Chinese martial art styles.

It is considered both a “hard” and “Soft” martial art, as there are competitions that are combat and movement-based.

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Her First Match Of Any Kind Was On Television 

After being signed by WWE in January 2017, Xia Li had her first match ever at that year’s Mae Young Classic, losing to Mercedes Martinez in the first round. 

Mercedes and Xia would rematch years later.

Xia has brought a unique style to her wrestling. With an emphasis on martial arts-style moves and kicks, she stands out from a lot of the more hold-based wrestlers on the roster. 

Watch Xia Li’s Smackdown Live Debut Here:

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Xia Li’s Future With WWE

As WWE looks to expand as a global brand, I expect stars like Xia Li will reach a new level of prominence. WWE wants stars from all over the world. Having already expanded into India, Japan, Europe, and the Middle East with positive results, China seems like the next logical step.

Wrestling is still relatively new to the fans there, so it is a great chance for WWE to capture a new and growing fanbase. With stars like Boa and Karen Q in developmental, I expect NXT will continue to feature a lot of emerging stars from the Far East. I like WWE’s international flavor, I hope they can keep it up in this COVID world.

Also, Xia has some FIRE gear that definitely helps her stand out.


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