WWE Superstar Returning Soon, MSG Show’s Low Attendance Photos

wwe superstar returning soon
source: custom, @BayleyUpdates twitter screenshot

If we are to believe her, one WWE Superstar should be returning soon. Plus, the NYC holiday week show had shocking attendance numbers.

WWE Superstar Returning Soon

If comments on Twitter are to be believed, one WWE Superstar might just be returning soon.

The Superstar in question? Lacey Evans.

Evans has been off television for quite a while now. She gave birth to her second child back in October.

Now, a fan had posted a video of her daughter getting a Lacey Evans action figure for Christmas, and wondering when we’d see the Sassy Southern Belle back in WWE.

The WWE Superstar responded, and if we are to believe her…she could be returning soon.

Evans has previously shown off clips of her training to get back to ring shape, so she is no doubt ready to return.

The real question is, will she be returning soon? And, if so, when?

Given the timing of things, I would suspect a Lacey Evans return at the upcoming Royal Rumble makes a lot of sense.

Fans expect a few surprises and returns at the annual PPV. Having Evans return from her time off as one of the 30 Superstars in the Women’s Royal Rumble is just too logical.

wwe superstar returning soon

source: custom, @BayleyUpdates twitter screenshot

Considering the women’s division is adjusting to things once again, returning a veteran like Evans would be a major plus.

Bayley is still on the shelf with an injury, though she is expected back in early 2022 as well.

The company released several female Superstars in 2021. Those were replaced by a handful of NXT call-ups, to varying degrees of success.

If Evans is indeed returning soon, it could be a big boost-especially if folks in Stamford are still high on her.

MSG Show’s Low Attendance Photos

It can’t all be good news for WWE. Over the weekend, the company’s annual NYC holiday show had shocking attendance numbers.

And as I said it can’t all be good news…these were not good shocking attendance numbers.

The story popped up on Ringside News, and referred to one fan report in addition to a ticket sales report from @WrestleTix.

Here is the ticket sales post in particular:

Now, this one is interesting and stunning, and worth discussing. Hence why it is here.

For one, WWE annually runs a Christmas show in Madison Square Garden. MSG is affectionately seen as the company’s home arena, being just a short drive from Stamford.

Historically for WWE, this show does well. Selling just about 51% of available tickets results in those shocking attendance numbers.

nyc show shocking attendance

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Now, for some possible spin…

The New York City area has seen a recent spike in numbers, and local officials have bumped up restrictions for indoor venues. 

While that may explain some drop in attendance, it probably does not cover most of that.

Whatever the cause, it is just another in a string of WWE events in their home area that has struggled to sell.

It was reported earlier that a recent WWE show in Long Island had challenges moving tickets, where a subsequent AEW show in the same building had no trouble.