WWE Superstar Goldberg Needs Surgery, Eric Bischoff Was Planned

superstar goldberg needs surgery
source: custom, PWRoundup twitter screenshot

In some not-so-surprising news, part time WWE Superstar Goldberg confirmed he needs surgery. Plus, the surprise of Eric Bischoff from this week’s RAW was planned.

WWE Superstar Goldberg Needs Surgery

During a recent media appearance, WWE Superstar Goldberg has confirmed that he needs surgery.

No need to worry, WWE fans…the Superstar also noted that while he needs surgery, he won’t be getting it any time soon.

On a recent chat on the Pat McAfee show, Goldberg revealed he needs shoulder surgery.

So, immediately some fans might be worried (or hoping?) that Goldberg would be unavailable for the upcoming WrestleMania season.

We should not worry…nor get our hopes up.

While he confirmed the need for surgery, he also confirmed that he won’t be getting the surgery until his career is over.

As the WWE Hall of Famer put it: yes, his shoulder is a mess.

superstar goldberg needs surgery

source: custom, PWRoundup twitter screenshot

But…he did not want to risk getting surgery and not being able to answer when Vince calls.

So while he’s already in the WWE Hall of Fame and was for a long time retired full time…it seems he’s intent on being one of Vince’s oft-hired, semi-retired guns now.

That he won’t or didn’t have it repaired during a lull in his schedule I find telling.

Depending on the surgery, you’d expect he might miss some or most of a year.

For a Superstar who’s move set is smaller than the Five Moves of Doom, missing a chunk of a year isn’t that big a deal is it?

I mean…if he had it done, worst case he could have been on TV to talk about a match and do a long, slow build until recovered.

Unless, and this is just a guess, whatever surgery he needs, would mean doctors don’t want him doing any more spears after the fact.

Considering all he has done, before and after he retired…not sure what else he has left to prove.

Eric Bischoff Was Planned

While a lot of RAW went off the rails as Superstars missed the show, one surprise was not last minute. The Eric Bischoff appearance was planned a week ago.

My first thought watching RAW and seeing Bischoff back was…well I thought he said never again.

The second thought I had was “was this a last minute move due to the chaos”.

Turns out it was not.

Per PWInsider, the appearance of Eric Bischoff was planned as far back as at least last week.

So while the popular guess was that Bischoff (and Grayson Waller) were on RAW to help cover up for Superstar absences…they were not.

eric bischoff was planned

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Bischoff was in the cards for the last week, always lined up to officiate the vow renewal for The Miz and Maryse.

It was certainly an unexpected twist all the same, as it had been some time since Eric Bischoff was around WWE…and his last tenure didn’t end all that well.

In the grand scheme, hearing that Bischoff’s appearance was planned makes sense. While him being there obviously could have helped fill a void…he’s not performing in the ring.

That Waller was not a last minute audible was also a bit of a surprise. Any NXT involvement would have made sense, and been relatively easy.

However, outside of those two, there wasn’t any special appearance by anyone to help cover for Superstar shortages.