WWE Rushed RAW Breakup, Any Interest In Alberto Del Rio?

wwe rushed raw breakup
source: custom, wwe twitter screenshot

There’s a reason it didn’t go so well…it seems WWE rushed a certain RAW breakup. Plus, is there any interest in Alberto Del Rio, now that his legal issues are behind him?

WWE Rushed RAW Breakup

I think we all knew it was coming, but it certainly seems like WWE rushed a RAW breakup.

In case you missed the December 20th RAW, turn away now. Otherwise…spoilers ahead.

On this week’s RAW, we finally saw the breakup of AJ Styles and Omos.

Anyone who knows and follows professional wrestling knew this was coming eventually.

wwe rushed raw breakup

source: custom, wwe twitter screenshot

Per WrestleVotes, the split was planned, but WWE rushed the RAW breakup.

Effectively, WWE rushed the breakup, to get past it.

The company has big plans for both Superstars in 2022, per the reports.

What those plans are remains to be seen, but clearly WWE wanted the split over and done with before setting the rest of the plans in motion.

2022 kicks off with Day 1, and it seems likely that the Styles-Omos feud will be resolved shortly after.

It’s unfortunate that the breakup was rushed. Having watched it happen live, it was an underwhelming split.

The signs of it coming were all there, but the execution was lacking. Perhaps the turn being a bit of a dud will help WWE move on from that pairing.

Any Interest In Alberto Del Rio?

In recent years, this former Superstar has a bit untouchable. But with things resolved, will there be any interest in Alberto Del Rio?

Apparently…very little.

This comes to us via Sean Ross Sapp over at Fightful:

It’s been quite the fall for the former WWE champ.

He’s had his share of trouble outside of the ring, to be sure.

However, it wasn’t all that long ago that Del Rio was insistent that, once he was clear of the legal cases, he was heading back to WWE.

As in, WWE wanted him back.

any interest in alberto del rio

source: custom, NoDQ twitter screenshot

Turns out, per the report, that there may not be any interest in Alberto Del Rio, from any major promotion.

I can see both sides of that coin, to be honest.

WWE knows him, as does AEW. Both have had him in for a stretch-twice, in the case of WWE.

Each company effectively knows what they would be getting-good and bad.

Reputations follow talent, for better or worse. Sometimes, a talent is so good that promoters will put up with anything.

Of course, times are changing, and what used to fly does not fly anymore.

Based on the apparent lack of interest in Alberto Del Rio, it would appear that his mistakes might just be catching up to him.

While in this wacky world of wrestling, we know never to say never…it seems unlikely he shows up for any major promotion anytime soon.