Why Omos Vs AJ Style Nixed On RAW, Wrestling Veteran Leaves WWE

Omos AJ Styles RAW
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Omos versus AJ Style was supposed to take place last night on RAW. However, Commander Azeez and Apollo Crews came out, instead. This left many fans wondering what happened and why the original match didn’t take place.

Why Was Omos Vs AJ Style Nixed On RAW

Styles versus Omos was advertised for Monday Night RAW yesterday, but it didn’t go down. Instead, AJ faced Apollo Crews.

Styles would defeat Crews when all was said and done. Still, viewers can’t help but speculate on why Omos and AJ didn’t go through with their bout.

Dave Meltzer chimes in on this during his recent Wrestling Observer Radio. A house show took place at NYC’s Madison Square Garden on the weekend, but the card was switched around tremendously due to some superstars testing positive for COVID.

One match that did go on at that time was Omos versus AJ. Still, according to Meltzer, the bout was “horrible”.

Why Omos Vs AJ Style Didn’t Make RAW

Dave notes that it’s very possible that Styles versus Omos was nixed because it was so bad at the Garden. Then again, it’s also just as likely that Omos is in isolation due to COVID-19.

With that said, news hit today that the WWE is scrapping its COVID-19 testing with talent. But, if Omos tested positive and was in isolation before this new rule, this could be the reason behind why he wasn’t a part of the match.

Meltzer adds the entire segment last night was “awkward”. The WWE announces the match at the start of the show.

Then AJ comes out and says, “let’s do the match”, only for Crews and Azeez to walk down the ramp. It was very weird to watch for many viewers.

According to reports, Omos was at RAW. However, he was flown home before the night ended.

No reason was given as to why this occurred. Fans will have to stay tuned for any additional information that comes down the pipe.

Here’s hoping that audiences see Omos soon. With that said, a wrestling veteran has called it quits with the WWE, for good.

Wrestling Veteran Leaves WWE

Jimmy Wang Yang is well known in the wrestling industry. Especially for his time in the WWE during the Ruthless Aggression era.

Omos AJ Styles RAW

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As per PW Insider, Yang has left his role as a producer. He began tryouts in October of this year and has decided the gig isn’t for him.

During his short tenure, he’s produced segments and matches for both RAW and SmackDown. With that said,  he’s chosen to step back.

Jimmy Wang Yang’s History With The WWE

Yang first entered the company in 2001. He joined the WWE after WCW folded, but was released a year later.

Jimmy returned in September 2003 and was known as Kyo Dai. He had a nice run along with Tajiri and Ryan Sakoda.

Sadly, he was fired in 2005. But his history with the company did not end there.

Yang had one final run with the WWE in May 2006. This time, he would last until April 2010.

What does the future hold for Jimmy now? Only time will tell.

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