Umaga – Hall of Fame News, WWE Has Plan B For Tour Shutdown

Umaga Hall Fame News
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Part of the legendary Anoa’i wrestling family, the late Umaga did some incredible things during his WWE career. Now, a fellow member of the company’s Hall of Fame is pushing for his induction. More on this news, below.

Umaga – Hall of Fame News

Umaga comes from a long list of family members who have made a major mark in the WWE. From Roman Reigns to the Rock and Usos, plus many more, there are wrestling fans out there that think that he’s long overdue for a Hall of Fame induction.

One such person is his brother, Rikishi. The 2015 WWE Hall of Famer took to Twitter to express how he feels it’s long overdue that Umaga is inducted into the 2022 class.

Umaga had two runs with the company. The first was when he debuted in the 3-Minute Warning Faction as Jamal in 2001. He was in the stable, along with Rosey.

While Umaga was fired in 2003, he did come back in 2005. The WWE repackaged his character.

More On Umaga – Hall of Fame News

It was at that point in time that he returned as “Umaga”. He also happened to “represent” Vince McMahon at WrestleMania 23.

Umaga battled Bobby Lashley that year in a “hair versus hair” match. As he lost to Bobby, Donald Trump and Lashley were able to shave VKM’s hair at the flagship event.

Umaga also happened to hold the Intercontinental Championship, twice during his tenure with the company. He was released in 2009 after violating the WWE’s wellness policy.

Sadly, Umaga also refused an offer by the company to go to rehab. He passed away at the age of 36, approximately six months later.

Will Umaga be inducted into the 2022 WWE Hall of Fame? It’s hard to say, and only time will tell.

With the omicron COVID-19 variant detected, many countries are adding more restrictions to their pandemic policies, which include large gatherings and venues. Where does this leave the WWE in terms of live events and touring?

WWE Has Plan B For Tour Shutdown

With regions worldwide re-instating pandemic restrictions, this could leave WWE in a pickle. Especially when it comes to their touring and events.

Umaga Hall Fame News

Source: nodqdotcom, Twitter, Screenshot

The good news is that the WWE does have a plan B. As per Wrestling Observer Radio’s Dave Meltzer, the company could go back to using the ThunderDome, located in Florida.

With that said, no mandates around large gatherings have been added in the U.S. as of yet. However, it’s always possible considering the current circumstances.

Plus, There Are Contingency Plans

In addition, WWE sources confirm that the company has plenty of other options. In fact, they have “contingency plans” that are being talked about.

It sounds like the WWE is preparing for any and all worst-case scenarios. With that said, they are currently continuing their touring.

That is, they will remain to do so until pandemic rules and regulations advise otherwise. Cases are rising all over the world, currently, so things could change fast.

The WWE went back on the road and left Thunderdome in July. The company is monitoring events right now, but here’s hoping that things don’t get so bad where regions have to shut things down again.