top superstar staying put
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After a lot of rumblings to the contrary, a top RAW Superstar is staying put. Plus, could we see Doudrop get a name change again?

Top Superstar Staying Put

In a bit of good news, it would appear as though a top RAW Superstar is staying put.

For months, WWE has seen talent leave, either by choice or by way of Nick Khan.

The company has suffered some notable losses, where a former Superstar became a free agent and opted to head for a new home.

Most recently, those names include Adam Cole and Bryan Danielson.

At the moment, the current group includes Johnny Gargano and Kyle O’Reilly.

One name it no longer will include?

Kevin Owens.

top superstar staying put

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Owens’ contract was set to expire in early 2022, right around the time of the Royal Rumble.

Some speculated that his inclusion in the Day 1 title match, which has now become a fatal four way, was to allow him to take the fall.

The reasoning? If Owens was not re-signing, he could take the loss and thus protect both Big E and Seth Rollins.

Now…he’s no longer exiting.

Doesn’t mean he can’t or won’t take the loss, of course…but he’s sticking with WWE.

The report comes via Fightful. While no terms are known, the news indicates it is another multi-year deal for the former Universal Champion.

I have to say, considering he was facing free agency and has friends in AEW…that WWE made him an offer that made him want to stay is great news.

If Kevin Owens was unhappy, or truly concerned about the direction of his character or the company, it would seem unlikely he’d re-sign.

With news of his new contract, I’d say the Day 1 title match gets a bit more interesting.

Could Doudrop Get A Change

On a bit of different news, we now can ask…could Doudrop get a name change once again?

If we take you back to her debut earlier in 2021, any fan who has watched NXT UK or the Mae Young Classics knew we were seeing Piper Niven back up the since released Eva Marie.

Turns out, WWE changed her name, calling her Doudrop. The move was not without issue nor controversy.

When Doudrop and Eva Marie split up, fans asked then: could Doudrop get a change?

But no, not then. The WWE Superstar embraced her new name and moved on.

Well now, it seems WWE might be reconsidering.

could doudrop get a change

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Per, WWE filed a trademark for the name Piper Niven just last week.

For those unfamiliar with much of Doudrop’s body of work prior to WWE…here’s the short version.

Her name prior to WWE and NXT was Viper. Once she came over to the NXT brands, she was known as Piper Niven.

Obviously, she became Doudrop on the main roster. Now Doudrop could get a change back to Piper.

What I found most curious in all this, is that for all the time she worked in NXT…WWE never trademarked the name Piper Niven until last week.

With Doudrop back on her own, and now moving from face to heel, we could see Doudrop get a change.