The Hardy Boyz – AEW, Sean Waltman Coming Out Of Retirement

The Hardy Boyz AEW
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With Jeff being a free agent in early 2022, Matt thinks The Hardy Boyz reuniting in AEW will happen. Also, Sean Waltman feels great after surgery and is heading back inside the ring.

The Hardy Boyz – AEW

As singles competitors, The Hardy Boyz have found success. Certainly, Jeff Hardy accomplished more than his older brother Matt Hardy.

Meanwhile, as a tag team, some make a case for them being the greatest of a generation. And, those people would not be wrong.

For a time, it looked like The Hardy Boyz were done as duo. Matt did not re-sign with WWE and joined AEW.

Jeff’s end odd as he left through the crowd in the middle of a match. He refused rehab, resulting in his termination from WWE once again.

Now, it is possible they work together again under the AEW banner. Plus, Matt seemed very optimistic about Jeff joining AEW when he was on The Drive with Josh Graham.

“That would be fabulous,” said Hardy. “I know both of us have stated on quite a few occasions that we both want to end our careers the way we began our careers. And that is as a tag team.”

“That was our dream, as two kids growing up, we wanted to be the tag team champions of the world, at least one time. Obviously we have very fortunately exceeded that many times over.”

“But I think us teaming together and having one last run as a tag team would be amazing. And I couldn’t think of a better place to do it than All Elite Wrestling.”

Matt continued how Jeff will be a free agent in early 2022. He is currently under the 90 non-compete clause because his contract did not expire.

The Hardy Boyz In AEW Can Be Risky

If Tony Khan wants Jeff is another story. There is no denying that he is one of the most entertaining wrestlers, no matter the age of the fan.

Although, he has many demons in the past relating to drugs. At one point, the federal government raided his house and he spent time in jail for drug possession.

If Jeff can prove that he is clean and mentally healthy, then he should get a chance. But, AEW monitors their staff very carefully with personal safety being a major issue.

Sean Waltman Coming Out Of Retirement

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Back in July 2019, Sean Waltman (also known as X-Pac) announced his retirement. His reason was that he was simply tired of the business.

Waltman, who turns 50 years old this summer, is not done. Like many, he is open to returning next year.

Since away, Waltman underwent knee surgery that he badly needed. The operation was done almost a full year ago by Dr. Chung of the UCLA Medical Center in Santa Monica, California.

“It’s going great, my surgeon gave me the go-ahead,” said Waltman on WWE’s The Bump. “I just got the green light to get back in the ring.”

“I’m just gonna get into better and better shape. I’ll be ring-ready beginning of next year in case my phone rings.”

The two time WWE Hall of Famer will probably not have trouble finding business. Still, at this point in his career, Waltman is here to elevate the future wrestlers.

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