Praise For WWE Women On RAW, AEW Star Leaving Company

praise for wwe women on raw
source: custom, wwe network twitter screenshot

After a strong segment this past Monday, there was praise for the WWE Women on RAW. And, you don’t hear about this every day, but an AEW star is leaving the company.

Praise For WWE Women On RAW

This past Monday gave us a few notable segments, but one in particular has drawn praise for the WWE women on RAW.

While some negative comments were made about the promo material used by Becky Lynch and Liv Morgan…those were the only knocks

Per PWInsider, the reception backstage for the ten woman tag was phenomenal.

A lot of times, the massive tag matches can be a problem. Superstars get lost in the crowd almost, and it’s hard for talent to shine.

Plus, especially on the weekly shows like RAW and SmackDown, too often we get some seemingly random massive tag match that is simply a way to get people on TV.

That was not the case this week, and the women involved knew it.

praise for wwe women on raw

source: custom, wwe network twitter screenshot

Hence the reason for the praise for the women on RAW.

Everyone knew the focal point: Liv Morgan and Becky Lynch.

But all the other women involved have their own important programs, and they were engaged and impressive too.

Heck, even the new 24/7 Champion took part…and the company avoided having any of those shenanigans ruin things.

Perhaps the only negative? I believe during commentary, Graves noted that the match comprised “almost the entire RAW women’s locker room”.

While it may be close to it, and it may be a line he was fed…it is something I’d not want to call out.

Depth was always an issue, either because talent was not ready or because of cuts that have gone on.

Either way, there was high praise, and the women on RAW earned it.

AEW Star Leaving Company

In something we have not had to say too often, an AEW star is leaving the company.

Usually, we discuss what talent could head to AEW, or who has just signed.

That is not the case here.

Women’s star Big Swole has confirmed that she will be leaving when her contract expires.

Effectively, the decision means she is no longer All Elite.

aew star leaving company

source: custom, The Public Enemies podcast twitter screenshot

The performer made the announcement via social media.

She noted it was a tough decision to not re-up with AEW, but she’s also had a rough run and has battled Crohn’s Disease throughout.

It remains to be seen if Swole just needed an extended break…or a change of scenery.

While it seems the break is needed and welcomed, the other angle cannot be entirely dismissed.

Forgetting for a moment that WWE hasn’t met many Superstars it wouldn’t cut…

Big Swole is married to a current WWE Superstar, one half of the Hurt Business, Cedric Alexander.

Not saying WWE could be interested in Swole, or that there would even be mutual interest. However…anything is possible, and it’s at least worth mentioning.

That said, her decision to end up leaving the company did seem to be a tough one to make.

We wish her the best in whatever her next move ends up being.