Mick Foley Proud Johnny Gargano Left WWE, Drew McIntyre Storyline

Mick Foley Johnny Gargano
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Johnny Gargano leaving WWE makes Mick Foley happy because he thinks the former veteran of NXT owes it to himself. Also, Drew McIntyre will be back in the title scene very soon.

Mick Foley Proud Johnny Gargano Left WWE

NXT underwent major changes within the last few months. Basically, the brand was reset and many of the familiar names are gone.

The latest two superstars to depart NXT were Kyle O’Reilly and Johnny Gargano. Right now, neither have signed with any other promotion.

Considering their small size, they would be buried on the main roster. Few wrestlers have that size become World Champion, with exceptions like Rey Mysterio and Bryan Danielson.

And, WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley agrees. When addressing Gargano with Wrestling Inc Daily, Foley believes he made the right call.

“I was kind of vocal in the past few months about the releases that were made and how some talent was being treated,” said Foley. “And how, if I was a young talent, I’d really have to think twice before trusting the creative team to do the right thing for me.”

If you’re Johnny and you see the history of guys his size, there are some exceptions. People have done remarkably well.”

“Daniel Bryan, Bryan Danielson being the best example. But, I think they owe it to themselves to see what’s out there.”

If Gargano wanted to wrestle somewhere else, there are options. There are plenty of companies in and outside of the United States that could use his skills and name.

For now, the belief is Gargano will take some time off. His wife will have their first child in a matter of months, so there is lots to do.

As for WWE, Gargano did not leave on bad terms. Some think he might return and work backstage for the NXT since he helped establish it for years.

Drew McIntyre Storyline

Mick Foley Johnny Gargano

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During the ThunderDome era, Drew McIntyre represented the WWE. And, he did a good job as the world adjusted to a new way of living.

Like all WWE Champions, eventually the title reign ends and other program begin. McIntyre spent over a year either champion or chasing the belt, before others took his spot.

Well, it sounds like McIntyre will be back in the title picture soon enough. First, he must get past WWE Day 1 where he faces Madcap Moss.

The match does seem a bit off as McIntyre is one of the top faces on SmackDown and Moss is barely known. Apparently, the feud is only temporary until Roman Reigns enters the picture.

According to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio, McIntyre taking on Reigns is in the works.

“It’s probably just to give Drew a win since obviously Roman and Drew are gonna get together,” said Meltzer. “I’m surprised but it makes sense.”

The two met at last year’s Survivor Series as they both represented their brand. In the end, Reigns and some outside interference allowed him to secure the win.

They put on great performance and a rematch is definitely something fans want to see. Also, it might be a clue that Reigns keeps his WWE Championship at the upcoming pay per view.